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The Leg-iron politics 3. Conservatives.

This one has taken a lot of thinking about. Once I thought the Conservative Party was all about free enterprise and equal chances for all. Anyone, even me, could climb from the gutter and make their own money, buy their own house, and run their own lives free from the constant State interference that is the hallmark of Socialism.
Maybe they were once like that. When Mrs. Thatcher was in power, I wasn’t in the economy too much so I don’t really know what she did with it. One thing she definitely didn’t do was shower me with the benefits and freebies that would have prevented me bothering to get back up on my own. I was left to myself, and I preferred it that way.
Oh, and before the Commies jump on this: Mrs Thatcher didn’t bankrupt me. I did. It was nothing to do with her policies. It was a simple matter of spending faster than earning. I came back by reversing that trend. That’s really all there is to it.
Anyway, what I see when I look at modern conservatism isn’t what I thought I’d see. What I see now is Tony Blair’s party all over again. That middling, indecisive party full of promises they had no intention of keeping and fronted by someone who looks like a used car salesman. I didn’t like the look of Blair and I’m afraid I’m getting much the same feeling about Cameron.
The Tories should now be pointing out the failures of Labour. There are enough of them to keep an army of Tory PR men busy for months. They aren’t doing that, and I have to wonder why? The Tories should by now have proposed a vote of no confidence in the clearly deranged Prime Monster. Indications are that half the labour MP’s would back them, but they haven’t even hinted at this and I have to wonder why?
The hard-core socialists deride the Tories just for being Tories. Well, that’s normal. What they don’t do is come up with any credible arguments to stop anyone voting Tory. Not one. They don't seem to be trying too hard and I have to wonder why?
Looking deeper into it, the answer becomes clear. Where the Tories propose something to solve a Labour problem, what they propose is always the same thing. More meddling in our lives. More legislation, more quangos, more special committees, more idiotic little fiddles around problems that will solve nothing and that will make those problems worse.
The answer to most of the Labour-created problems is really very simple. Just stop doing it. Repeal these 3000 laws we don’t need. Remove the right of councils to act like Feudal lords and terrorise their serfs as and when they please. Scrap all that paperwork that cripples the efficiency of the police. It’s not difficult, not at all.
Proposals like that would have widespread support from all those people who currently live in terror of finding a bean can in their plastic-bottle bin, or who have been harassed by pseudoplods for taking a couple of snapshots, and many other pathetic little quibbling and pointless excuses for our so-called elected representatives to grind us into the dirt.
The Tories have proposed nothing of the kind. They have not proposed to repeal Labour’s idiotic laws. Not one of them. They have not promised to curb the Stasi-like powers of the councils. In fact, Tory councils are revelling in those powers even now.
They will continue with crazed control measures like indoctrinating infants instead of the far simpler measure of stopping all this children-are-untouchable crap and allowing schools and parents to apply discipline without being prosecuted. They will continue the Fat Police, who will accost you in the street if you dare to deviate from Hollywood perfection. They will continue to restrict your food, alcohol and tobacco intake. They will continue to exert deeper and deeper control with the same ‘It’s for your own good’ excuse.
The modern Conservative Party is in fact Blair’s party resurrected. They are exactly the same. They will pose and posture and do nothing to alleviate the restrictions and controls imposed on us all by the Brown Gorgon, and the Tiny Blur before him. Things will not stay the same when the Tories take over. They will get worse. The Left know this, which is why their opposition to the Tories is nothing more than a few vague insults. The Left are happy to let the New Blair come back.
There is no longer a Conservative party in this country. There are no longer any discernible differences between the three main parties at all. They all want to add more laws, more control, more power to their unelected thugs.
I was going to end this with ‘No, I won’t vote Tory’ but there’s no need.
There is no Conservative party. Not any more.
All we have at the next election is a choice of which EU commissioner is going to run this island. Our only choice is the face of the man who implements the EU state laws.
The only way out is NO VOTES for any of these parties. Vote for a minor party. Any one, you choose. You must vote, and you must vote for anyone on that ticket other than these three.
If any of them get back in, the jackboots will be marching down your street before Election Night Special is over.
Get them out. All of them. There is no other hope for the UK now.
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