leg-iron (leg_iron) wrote,

Equal opportunities and civil 'service'.

The Civil Service is an equal opportunities employer. The 'equality' part was supposed to mean that no matter what gender, skin colour, personal beliefs or body shape the applicant had, employment would be based solely on their ability to do the job. That was the idea. None of those other things should be taken into consideration.

Along come the Righteous and decide that you cannot be an equal opportunity employer unless you have at least one of each ethnic and social group in your employment. Under the Righteous, the original idea of 'equality' is turned on its head. Now, ability to do the job is the last thing an employer is allowed to consider. The first thing on the list is - do we have our quota of disabled lesbian black Zoroastrian single-parent ex-convicts? Never mind whether they can do the job. Fill the quota.

Nowhere is the result of this mindset more evident than in the Civil Service. A place where you are a racist if you refer to a black telephone as 'the black one'. There, all requirement for ability is abandoned in favour of filling their quota of mentally incompetent employees. So we have laws intended for serious crime that are used to criminalise trivia. We have laptop computers, memory sticks and papers lost and stolen, even turning up on eBay with confidential information still on them. We have children employed as street spies - and the Righteous, the 'Think of the Cheeeldren' hand-wringers who would imprison you if you whacked an oik who wanted to stab you, see no problem with it. Child abuse is fine when they're doing it. They cannot see the dichotomy in their insane pronouncements that state a blackboard is racist but a whiteboard is not, and they cannot understand why people first laugh, then rage at them.

This lot want a national database of everyone. They want all our information right down to the genes on our DNA. I'd rather trust a troupe of syphilitic baboons with that information. We know, we absolutely know, they are going to lose it. They are going to mess it up. You will get your neighbour's AIDS test results. Your neighbour will get your tax rebate. Police will arrest you if you don't have your little card which has a photo of the face they're looking at and the fingerprints of the hand that's holding it. What does it prove? That you are the rightful owner of your face and fingers? All it proves is that you are under control. That's it.

When they lose this database--and they will, you can be certain of that--none of us will be safe. We will all be in the same position as those prison officers whose details are the latest donation to crime from the incompetents who run this country. The same position as those who were receiving child benefit. As those who were in the process of learning to drive. We will not know whose bank account will be cleaned out next, whose house will be sold from under them,  nor who is going around carrying a card with their face and fingerprints but your name on it.

The time has come to apply that equality rule by its original meaning. No quotas. If that means the entire civil service is staffed by Asian women, so be it. If they are best suited to the job then give them the job. Don't pass them over because there's a reformed drug addict just out of jail who happens to be a Falun Gong practitioner and your office doesn't have any of those. Employ people, don't collect them.

And sack those who aren't up to it. Ignore cries of 'Is it cos I is black and you is racist?' No, it's because you're no good at this job. Get one you can do.

Employers are frightened to do that, of course. If they sack an Englishman, he's just sacked. If they sack anyone else, there's a tribunal then a court case then compensation. The company has a red mark next to its name in the Book of Righteousness because they dared to sack someone ethnic.

I've said before, I attach no blame to any ethnic group for taking advantage of the system. If there's preferential treatment available, anyone eligible is going to have a go and you really can't blame them for it. The blame, all of it, every last drop, falls at the feet of the Righteous who installed the system. Who forced an inefficient country upon us by removing the simple requirement of 'ability' from the job interview and replacing it with patronising quotas. Who have employers fearful of removing employees who aren't up to the job unless they're white British. Who now have all the white British so enraged that they are joining organisations like the BNP in droves. Once that happens, the righteous scream 'racist' louder at them, not realising that their accusations are what moved those people to the far right in the first place, and that every cry of 'racist' moves them ever further to the right. I've seen skinheads once more on the street recently, something I haven't seen since the early Eighties. Thanks for that, Righteous.

The Righteous are responsible for all the problems we have. If they were silenced, employers could employ the best person for the job regardless of race, colour, gender or beliefs. Industry would flourish, or at least start to improve.

Without the Righteous, the Civil Service could employ people who understand security, who could be trusted with sensitive information, who would be able to understand that a bin left open does not denote a terrorist attack, and who are capable of actual thought.

We are stuck with those quotas of brainless morons and outsourced secret information. The Gorgon will do nothing but moan about getting on with some job or other. He's never told us what that job is. The Strawman will have an enquiry, not into how the data was lost, but into why he wasn't told about it. It took a year for the loss of this one to come to light. How many more databases have we yet to hear about? Are commuters even now playing 'spot the secret file' every morning on the way to work?

Does anyone believe that 'Hello Dave' Cameron will do anything about it, other than some token trimming? Can he even take on the behemoth of self-importance that the Gorgon has installed? Could anyone dismantle the interwoven paper-shuffling departments and quangos? It will take a lot of courage because it does mean a lot of unemployed useless bastards all at once, few of whom will be able to get any jobs at all when 'ability' becomes a requirement once more. It does mean cutting back on those complex benefits because taxpayers won't want to support them, especially after the way they've treated us all these years. Is Dave up to it? Is anyone?

That dumping ground for the useless and incompetent we call the Civil Service isn't going to go away easily. Now we are expected to entrust all our personal details to a group of people I wouldn't trust to sweep my garden path. Here's a word for you people. It's a short word, with just the one syllable so it shouldn't overtax even your limited cognitive abilities.


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