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Has Dave twigged?

'Hello Dave' Cameron has just said something I've wanted to hear from a politician for a long, long time.

It boils down to 'It's your life. You sort it out'.

Yes it is. If you're overweight, stop blaming fatty foods, and stop eating them. If you're addicted to heroin, you did that. Society didn't inject you. If you're a thief, mugger, burglar, that was your choice and the consequences are yours.

I've been poor. I've been homeless. It wasn't nice. I did something about it and now I have a little business of my own, a house (not a palace, but a house) and money in the bank. Not much money, I won't be retiring just yet, but it's a lot better than zero. Hey, I eat every day, can't be bad, huh? I don't earn enough to employ anyone and if I did, the regulations associated with that would put me off. So I just make enough money to keep me in home and essentials (smokes and decent whisky).

Yes, I smoke, and it's my fault. Stress didn't do that. I did it. As an aside (because it's well worth publicising) some of those buggers in Parliament like a smoke too. Devil's Kitchen has found a video showing them puffing away in the only bar in the UK where smoking is allowed.

I like a drink, but don't often overdo it because when you work for yourself, you don't earn money when you're hungover. Once in a while I like to get legless in the other sense though. I don't blame anyone when I wake up with furred teeth and breath that could cull a badger at fifty paces. I did it to myself. I had a bloody good time doing it, to be honest. Nobody else is to blame.

You might be poor. You might be disabled. Do something about it. The PC buffoons don't want you to, naturally. They encourage you to play the victim. They encourage you to be dependent and weak and to bleat about how 'they' oppress you. 

It's all lies. There is someone oppressing you but it's not who you think. It's the PC sods themselves. They want you dependent...on them

See, the only way the PC parasites can survive is by having a host to sap life from. You - the poor, the minorities, the disabled - you are that host. if you become independent, if you think for yourself, if you get away from the handouts and the tidbits they tempt you with, they wither away.

They don't want you immigrants to learn English. They want to provide you with translations. Why? Because if you learn English, you don't need the succubus on your back any more. You can function perfectly well on your own.

They don't want you cripples getting out of those chairs. They want to get you benefits, they want to take you on trips, they want to have meetings to discuss your 'issues'. Why? Because once you realise that your brain was never in your legs, that the Internet means you can work without travelling, that many people with perfectly functional legs never bloody walk anywhere anyway, you won't need the Parasite Class any more. You can function perfectly well on your own.

They don't want you poor people getting ideas about working or (god forbid) starting up businesses. That's why benefits are so generous, and why the penalties for doing any kind of work or saving any money while on benefits are so dire. It's a trap that takes courage to break out of but believe me, it's well worth it. Not so much for the money, more for the freedom from those pompous, smug, self-important bastards who, like it or not, control your lives now. If you take that step, and I'm not going to pretend it'll be easy because they will place hurdles in your way, then you won't need the Pestilential Cretins any more.

It's better than giving up smoking, and I speak as one who's done both (the smoking, many times).

I slated Hello Dave for his stance on knives because it was a stupid thing to say. He's made up for it with this one. He can afford to lose a couple of points in the polls but I don't think he'll lose more than one or two. Labour's insistence on controlling every little detail of our lives has cut deep in many, many people and there are many who are thinking the same way as Dave now. It's time to take our own lives back from the PC leeches who have sucked life, ambition and future from us for so long.

Keep it up Dave. At the moment, you have my vote. If your manifesto reads 'Sort yourselves out, you bloody whinging bastards' then my cross goes in the blue box.

Just think before you speak in future, eh?

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8th Jul, 2008 09:13 (UTC)
New Colours Every Day
Trouble is, he'll back to inteventionist bollocks again tomorrow. He changes his coat so often how are any of us supposed to know what kind of Government he's going to head up?
8th Jul, 2008 19:03 (UTC)
Re: New Colours Every Day
I suspect he's just pushing to see how far he can go before the public kick back. He can afford to lose a point or two in the polls at the moment and he has time to get them back if he pushes too far. It's a good time to test for reaction.

As you say, though, he's not consistent. I won't decide where to put that vote until polling day because I'm wondering if the certainty of winning is going to make the Tory party slack and complacent. If they don't need to try too hard, why would they bother?
8th Jul, 2008 12:22 (UTC)
Spot on..God but it's good to know we all think alike...but hang on, how come we've had years and years of fuckwit socialists ? From Wilsons financial meltdown to todays..they have done it again. Its inevitable.Are the people really braindead masochists...
8th Jul, 2008 19:07 (UTC)
Are the people really braindead masochists...

A lot of the ones I know are. A lot of others vote labour because they've been bribed with benefits and with government-paid jobs that have no meaning in the real world.

May people can't be bothered to think and would rather someone did it for them. So they vote for the party that gives them detailed instructions on how to run their lives.

With a bit of luck, labour have now issued more instructions than anyone can stand.
8th Jul, 2008 20:55 (UTC)
Irrespective of what Dave does or fails to do, it was a pleasure reading your dissection of PC dependency culture.

I've felt for years that there was something malevolent underpinning the whole "charidee" thing; not for every single charity, but the big ones seemed to be somehow less interested in fixing things than they were in promoting themselves.

Now it's a lot clearer.
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