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No Geminids for me.

Nothing to do with the Smoky-Drinky place, but you won't find it in this weather.

Subrosa has the news that it's Geminids night. Last night and tonight, it's been dense fog here so I won't get to see them. Bah.

By the way, those are indeed cycle lanes on either side of the road and the more observant will have noticed there's no white line down the centre of the road.

That's because if there were, nothing wider than a Mini would fit between the lines. If you stay out of the cycle lanes you risk hitting oncoming traffic. If you go into the cycle lanes you risk a fine.

The cyclists use the pavement as they always did.

Common sense, eh? Who needs it?
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13th Dec, 2009 11:37 (UTC)
Smoky-Drinky Heaven.
Hi - I don't do either any more, but on a night like the one in your picture, it must be like Heaven!

If I could afford it, and if the Missus would let me, I'd try setting up my own!
14th Dec, 2009 00:00 (UTC)
road layout
Our localcouncil recently built a new access road to a trading estate that mostly deals with cars and lorries, likewise it has cycle lanes on both sides leaving not enough room for two lanes of traffic and thus no central white lining. Luckily no-one cycles.
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