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It's all been about children for this outing of the Righteous. They tried to hijack a religion again, Islam this time, but it wasn't going to dance to their tune and had its own agenda. Now they are turning on it and that'll be messy. Instead, they have concentrated on children as their route to control. Lately this has reached the point where all adults are suspected paedophiles unless they pay to prove otherwise and anyone with children must be overseen and studied in their homes, in case they do something non-approved, like getting the child to think for themselves.

Children apparently have to pass 69 'learning targets' before they start school! I wonder what the first one is - a first cry at birth perhaps? If the child fails that one, do they shove it back in and try again? There is no childhood any more. I remember reflecting once that at the age of five, the routine of the working week began and that was it until retirement. Up to that point all you had to do was play. Enjoy it, kid, you won't see these days again for sixty years. Now there is nursery and pre-school school and assessments by pointy-faced people with clipboards and that's all before you even start with the real school. Your future is assessed, calculated and determined before you learn the nine times table. Actually, I bet they don't do that any more. Instead they have 'good citizen classes', a title that sends a shiver down my spine.

Part of these good citizenship classes (for primary schools) is to instil the understanding that stepping on ants is evil. It does include things like not leaving dogs locked in cars on hot days, and not messing with wild birds' nests, which is good, but it then goes to a ridiculous extreme.

The guidance, drawn up by the Department for Children, Schools and Families, says children can learn good citizenship skills by learning about the wellfare of insects because "other living things have needs and they have responsibilities to meet them".

I have no responsibilities to cockroaches, silverfish, wasps, flies of any size or any other insect and I have an array of chemical weapons which I will unleash on them as soon as they show up. Yes they have needs. Wasps need paper to make their nests and they get it by chewing any nearby unprotected wood. Your shed, your fence or your rafters. Flies have a desperate desire to tramp around on long-dead animals and piles of poo and then tramp over your dinner. I don't need that so the interlopers will die. Flies are not citizens and caring for them will not make you a good citizen. It will only make you into a fascinating study for medical students who will run a book on which interesting disease you'll catch next.

As for respecting worms, don't we have enough trouble with all the hooded worms demanding respect now? Are we going to get cornered by an armed gang of Lumbricus terrestris demanding respect and money? If so, all you need do is invite them on a fishing trip. That'll sort them out.

This lot of Righteous want to produce a race of blank-eyed drones who would not step on a beetle but who think it's just fine to kick a random stranger to death. They won't stamp on an ant but they'll stamp on a puppy.

All this results in a whole generation of confused and repressed children who can't even turn to an adult for help because adults run away from them and the child doesn't know why. The Righteous solution? Drug them into compliance.

Prof Timimi cited a 2004 study in which researchers analysed prescriptions in nine countries over a two-year period. It found significant increases in drugs to deal with childhood mental health problems. The lowest rise was in Germany – 13 per cent – and the highest was the UK, with 68 per cent.

This word 'vulnerable' keeps coming up in all these kinds of special-interest groups stories. People wear it as a badge of honour. 'Oh, I'm vulnerable, you have to be nice to me'. Get stuffed. You know what 'vulnerable' means? It means 'weak'. It means 'feeble'. It means 'easily defeated'. It is not something to shout about. If you need therapy and medication just to cope with life, you aren't doing it right. The weird part is, people on permanent mood medication look down on alcoholics as if they are somehow different. Doctor's prescription or supermarket plonk, it's all the same thing and costs about the same too. It's hiding from life. Being vulnerable. Being weak. Just stop it - and if you can't stop it, at least stop being so damn proud of it.

Back to the topic...

Children can now be tracked through their mobiles, and their internet use monitored by a virus that parents are encouraged to install on their computers. No privacy, no hiding place, and when you have nowhere to hide, you have everything to fear.

It looks like a form of brainwashing. Separate the kids from their parents. confuse them with random, conflicting information, distance them from the adults who could tell them actually useful information, then when they're totally baffled, drug them to keep them that way. Get them used to being watched by the State at all times for their own protection and keep them monochrome and subdued. Above all, make them equal, identical, homogenous because that makes social planning so much easier. Why should they not step on that ant? Because ants are the model for the new society. One central control and all workers identical.

It's not working at any level. The Righteous think they are breeding the Eloi but they are turning out Morlocks.

And vulnerable Morlocks at that.
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