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Time to rebuild those priest holes.

I see, via Constantly Furious, that the Paul Clarke 'help-the-police-and-go-to-jail' story is now on Twitter and turning into quite a brushfire. The MSM don't seem to have noticed anything yet. They did, however, notice that Scottish Labour want to make possession of a knife a strict liability offence with a mandatory prison sentence (via Samizdata).

Glasgow North East contains a fair number of people who like to smoke, drink and carry a knife. Oh dear, folks, look who you've just voted for.

This Christmas, if you were considering buying someone a set of kitchen knives, don't. Or a saw, plain or electric. Chisels, potato peelers, junior hacksaws, anything that has a bladed edge over 3 inches long and doesn't fold is illegal to have in your possession on the street and Labour want to send you to jail simply for having it. What you intended to do with it is irrelevant. Taking a 12" pruning saw to loan to your pal down the road? Irrelevant. Possession equals prison. No defence.

Ah, you say, but if I just bought it, it's still in its plastic packet and I have the receipt. I'm just carrying it home. Even if you carry it to the police station, you'll get arrested. There is no excusable reason for carrying it because it's a strict liablility offence and you go to jail. At the moment it's legal to have these things in your home (if you can get them there) as long as you don't step outside with them. At the moment.

What the hell, eh? Who's going to know if you have anything like that in your house? As long as you don't take it outside, no problem, right?

Better get hinges on that wall panelling because you'll need to hide a lot of things behind it when this lot come round. Note that this is to prevent 'unintentional injuries'. It is not targeted at child abusers. It is targeted at you.

About 100,000 children are admitted to hospital each year for home injuries at a cost of £146m.

Approximate and most likely hugely inflated number - check. For the cheeeldren - check. Costs the NHS millions - check. Same techniques, recognised by smokers, drinkers and fat people everywhere by now. Well folks, it's rollout time. Now you are all smokers, drinkers, and fatties. Now you can all be censured, fined and punished at will and you'll have no comeback at all. Welcome to our world.

Take another look at Al-Jahom's link. Scroll down the list of Righteous organisations involved. Pretty much all of them. This is supposed to be about children's safety in the home - the national audit commission? The bicycle helmet initiative trust? The department for transport? What in Hell's name are 'the centre for excellence in outcomes' or the 'council for subject associations'? These sound like something the Daily Mash made up! This is a massed Righteous association of vicious, spiteful people who are making one big push for total control before their time runs out. If they succeed, it will be extremely difficult for the Cameroids to unravel, and that's assuming they're even going to try.

For the moment, if you have no children in your house, you are safe. Unless your work or daily life involves any contact at all, at any time, with anyone under 18. So far, they get to you through children. Why do you really think they wanted gay couples to adopt? They've got you too. Also anyone who looks after your children for any period of time. It's now at the stage where, if I see next door's kids waiting in the snow after school for their parents to get home through the Christmas traffic, I'll have no option but to leave them there. The moment they step through the door, in come a thousand government inspectors.

It won't take them long to find a way into childless homes. Children living next door? Better be sure your house won't spontaneously combust and put next door's children at risk. Children living across the street? Best make sure your curtains are up to scratch so they don't inadvertantly see you in the bath. It won't take them long. Remember the days when people left their front doors unlocked? Those days are coming back because if you lock them, the State will batter them down. Why bother with locks when you cannot stop them anyway?

This is what Labour have done to the country and its people. Take a bloody good look, Glasgow North East. You voted for this. YOU voted FOR this.

Those 70% who did not vote, hang your heads. You had the power to slap them down and you stood aside. You could have taken out all four of the idiot bands at once, you couild have relegated Labour, SNP, Lib Dem and Tory to the bottom of the heap and you did nothing. All you needed was an X in a box. Not voting is not a protest. It is submission. Not voting is like standing aside while burglars ransack your house, making them a cup of tea and helping them carry your TV out to the van. Not voting is like starting a game of chess by toppling your king. Not voting sends no message to those in power other than 'Carry on, we don't mind what you do'.

I vote. Every time. I vote for a small party or an independent, never for any of the big parties because to me, they all look the same and they all look very dangerous indeed. Nobody I vote for ever wins. That's not because I wasted my vote. I didn't waste it. I used it. It's because on average, about 60% of people with a vote waste theirs by not using it, then complain when another band of money-grabbing tyrants get in.

These people are getting in on the back of a small percentage of the electorate. If everyone voted, they could be wiped out entirely. Imagine a parliament with not a single Labour, Tory or Lib Dem MP. Imagine it for a while.

Then make it happen. With two strokes of a pencil.

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