leg-iron (leg_iron) wrote,

Sober thoughts.

This is disgusting. It's half past one on Sunday morning and I'm sober enough to drive (but not drunk enough to steal a car, so I won't).

I have so much work I'm having to find more and more inventive ways to avoid doing it. None help, it just keeps popping back up on the screen and I'll be in the lab tomorrow again doing even more of it. The silver lining is, of course, that I only get paid when I have work to do and this is Christmas booze cash I'm earning now. After the taxman gets his grubby paws out and I see what's left. Total income for this year is going to be well down on last year and expenses are up. I'd be upset, but hell, it means I'm handing less over to the Labour party for general wastage and that is one seriously cheering thought. Whether I put much effort into boosting business in the next tax year depends on what the Cameroids do, because it looks certain those idiots will take over from the current idiots even though they are doing their best to wreck their chances.

I thought, in sober fashion, of Glasgow North East, because I bet there's nobody sober there right now. Nobody working either, apart from bar staff and nightclub bouncers.

Labour won the by-election. I admit I am disappointed but not surprised. They crow as if it's a great victory but all they did was hold on to what is probably the safest Labour seat in Scotland with a reduced majority. Around 30% of voters bothered to vote. Labour's share was 58% of 30%. Roughly 17% of the people of Glasgow North east actually wanted them in power. Yet they call it a great victory.

The BNP were only a few votes shy of 5% of the vote. In Scotland! Where the BNP is widely seen as an English party and usually struggle around the 2% mark. They were beaten, just, by a doubled Tory vote. Doubled. In Scotland and more particularly in Glasgow North East where they eat Tories deep-fried with chips. The Tories were never going to win there. Neither were the BNP. The extent to which they increased their vote size would alarm any sensible Labourite, but no. They won and that's all they care about. The will of 17% of the people trumps the other 83% and you know what? It's their own fault. Seventy percent of the voters of Glasgow North East could not be bothered to spend a few minutes deciding their own future. Because of that, the 83% who did not vote Labour are now subject to Labour rule.

Labour claim it is a disaster for the SNP. If only. I didn't want them to win either but it was a straight Labour/SNP fight for the top spot and the SNP are slightly less deranged. The SNP failed to take an extremely safe seat from Labour. Well, whoop de diddly do. A failure, yes, but a disaster? A disaster is when you lose a safe seat, not when you fail to take someone else's. Labour will find out what that means when the English start voting because those are the people Labour have dumped on hardest. Their effect is less obvious here because Labour are not fully in charge. The SNP, well, campaigning in Glasgow on a 'we hate smokers and boozers even more than Labour' ticket? In retrospect, not the best move they could have made.

Glasgow North East was won on indolence. Seventy percent of them could not get off their backsides to vote. If that attitude continues we can look forward to another five years of exactly the same thing because we'll get Tory or Labour or Lib Dem next year and I don't think it will make one fleck of a lactose-intolerant's milky diarrhoea of difference to the country. If those three are not ousted we won't even have a country. We will be the EU's Airstrip One. This next election might be the last chance we get to decide our future by peaceful means.

Get the votes in. Get those idiots out. You're only fighting against 17% who are in favour of the current band of morons and that's in a very safe seat indeed. It'll be easy.

If people vote.
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