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In war, people get hurt.

If you get into a fight with someone, there are two things you have to realise before the fight gets under way.

First, you might not win. If things don't go your way, how much damage are you willing to take before you concede defeat? Personally, if it looks like I'm certain to lose I'd back down at once. There's no point taking extra damage if the fight is lost. My preference is not to fight at all. If that means the other guy thinking me a coward, well so be it. I'm an unbruised coward and that's fine with me. Of course, if I'm winning, I'm not going to let the other guy off unless he concedes defeat.

Second, and much more important, is the realisation that win or lose, you're going to get hit. Gym punchbags hang there and take it. Few people are willing to do that. Even those that win fights end up with black eyes and missing teeth.

These two aspects of fighting are lost on most of today's youth. Brought up in a cotton-wool world where they are not allowed to do anything remotely risky and nobody is allowed to lay a finger on them, they believe themseves invincible. So they think they can storm a police line with dogs, commit what amounts to an act of war by attempting to shut down a power station, and that nobody has any right to hurt them.

I have no sympathy at all for the protestors who were bitten by police dogs. The dogs were on their leashes throughout which means that the protestors could have avoided them with ease. They didn't because in their bubble-wrap world, dogs aren't allowed to bite them. Unfortunately, dogs don't do political correctness and they don't avoid fights with reasoned arguments. Dogs are a lump of muscle with teeth on the end and that's the only tool of argument they know. Consider from the animal's point of view - no matter how well trained, that dog is still a dog. The dog sees a howling mob threatening himself and his handler. He is going to react like a dog under pressure because that is exactly what he is. It's not the dog's fault. He didn't start the fight.

In the past I have railed against police idiocy, against the arrest of the victim and of those who have committed no real offence at all, and all of that stands. In this case, I am one hundred percent on the side of the police. Taking down a power station at this time of year is something terrorists do. It's an act of war. This is not some power outage caused by a surge that trips a transformer and can be fixed in a couple of hours. This is the whole power station, and if these ragged terrorists succeed, a whole swathe of the country can look forward to a few days, at least, with no power at all. How many pensioners are the Green God's acolytes willing to see freeze to death for their cause? How many businesses are they happy to see close? How many families with no heat, hospitals lit by candlelight, operations cancelled, broken bones unset and cancers undiagnosed because the scanners are off...how much death is enough for them?

And yet we are supposed to be upset that a few of them have dog bites. They can count themselves damn lucky I'm not running the country. They'd be facing the army. Attacks on infrastructure are terrorist actions and should be treated as such. They are not civilians. They are the ones doing the attacking. I'd shoot them as soon as they breached the fence. Protesting outside the power station - fair enough. Stupid and pointless but fair enough. Attacking the power station with the stated aim of closing it down is not a protest. It's a terrorist attack. It's an act of war.

In war, people get hurt. Just because the Green God's minions started this fight, does not mean they will win. It does not give them the right to attack the country's power supplies and walk away unscathed. A few dog bites don't count when they have escalated the conflict to this scale. What did they expect? That the police would stand aside and say 'You want to trash a power station? Sure, off you go and have fun.'

No, Greenies, you have done far more than protest this time. You have initiated a terrorist action that, if it were allowed to succeed, would affect millions and result in innocent deaths. You started this fight. Without, I suspect, considering either of the two aspects of fighting I mentioned at the start. You cannot start a war and expect your opponent to sit there and take it. Those police are not defending a 'company'. They are not defending 'capitalism'. They are defending the heating systems in pensioner's homes and all those life-saving devices in hospitals and the powered doors on the fire station and the street lights that keep the looters quiet and the security lights that deter burglars and all the other things you halfwitted eco-warriors have not given a moment's consideration while prostrating yourselves at the altar of your 'global warming'  false religion. You do know it's all based on lies, don't you? Of course you do. That's why you are not making your case with argument, but with violence. You have no valid argument and this action proves it. You are terrorists.

I say, let the dogs loose.
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18th Oct, 2009 16:35 (UTC)
I cannot ever recall seeing a black face in photographs of these demonstrators. Odd how those who so loudly profess the pieties of the Left, including "diversity", are the least diverse group imaginable.
19th Oct, 2009 00:40 (UTC)
Re: Rob
And to top this all off, at least in the States, the offspring of the white people who marched with Dr. King are now leading the charge in segregating smokers from the lunch counters (read: bars and restaurants)

Re: Rob - leg_iron - 19th Oct, 2009 03:07 (UTC) - Expand
18th Oct, 2009 16:41 (UTC)
Yes, they're so caught up in saving us that they don't realise they might just kill us by doing it.
18th Oct, 2009 16:53 (UTC)
How long before the Civil Contingencies Act is invoked?

Be careful what you wish for .. .. .. ..
18th Oct, 2009 21:42 (UTC)
October 31st - 2nd November 2009
If the EDL / Sharia / lazy MET have there way I guess. Then it'll be open season on all "extremists". You like football, you're extreme, you like islam, you're extreme, you're like hannah montana, you're extreme.. until it is only the snakes left.

But it is only a guess. Although this video says by December.


pdf here http://www.globalclimatescam.com/documents/un-fccc-copenhagen-2009.pdf

That's spooky stuff, search the text for inter-government, debt, poor and have a gander (200 pages long though and you may wish to save it).
(no subject) - leg_iron - 19th Oct, 2009 03:10 (UTC) - Expand
18th Oct, 2009 16:54 (UTC)
Superb post.

I'd like to see of these deluded middle class "warriors" shown what a proper fight can do to all of the protagonists.
18th Oct, 2009 17:56 (UTC)
"In this case, I am one hundred percent on the side of the police. "


JuliaM (http://thylacosmilus.blogspot.com/)
18th Oct, 2009 18:06 (UTC)
Fantastic post Leg Iron.

Rab C. Nesbitt
18th Oct, 2009 18:21 (UTC)
Top drawer Leg-Iron.


They can count themselves damn lucky I'm not running the country.

The rest of us can count ourselves damn unlucky.
19th Oct, 2009 03:12 (UTC)
I'd have all those purse-lipped Righteous hung by the neck until they cheer up. Most of my manifesto would be based on 'I don't care, you deal with it'.

Not sure that would get many votes from the dependency culture though.
18th Oct, 2009 18:23 (UTC)
Bang on, as usual. I'd like to see the kind of policing that I was on the receiving end of during the miners strike or at News International in the days before I grew up.

18th Oct, 2009 19:07 (UTC)
Me thinks they should divert an eensy weensy bit of the 133,000 volts to the fence.
19th Oct, 2009 03:13 (UTC)
Me thinks they should divert it all for a minute.

A momentary power lapse would be worth it.
18th Oct, 2009 19:32 (UTC)
Excellent Post
I agree absolutely! Do these idiot not think of the consequences of their actions? Do they not think logically of the lack of alternatives that we presently have? What planet do these people reside on?

18th Oct, 2009 19:51 (UTC)
Fuzzy Landsharks vs. Son of Swampy
I've long had an affection for police Alsatians, ever since seeing them doing doggy assault courses (9' walls, tunnels, chicanes, burning hoops, etc) at uniformed services demonstration days.

You'd have little kids toddling up and patting the nice doggie, which would sit there quite happily, obviously enjoying the attention. Five minutes later the exact same dog would be chasing and dragging down a (very heavily padded) stuntcop to show what they did for a living. One time I even saw two police dogs drag a guy out of a controlled fire.

Unlike climate agitators police dogs are intelligent, well-disciplined and work for the public good. How bad must it be to be outclassed by a dog FFS?
18th Oct, 2009 20:19 (UTC)
Well said,
As an officer whose been policing the protests I completely agree with you. These people moan that they have got hurt but would happily hurt anyone in their way.
They claimed they didn't aim the violence at people but expected us police to stand back when they started committing criminal damage to the fence (bet they would want us to stand back if it was their garden fence people were damaging!!!)
One minute they are encouraging people to commit criminal offences and use violence against property and the people who try and defend it, and when met with any sort of force to try and prevent it they claim its a peaceful protest and police just like hitting people. I don't as it happens but it is part of the job and something I won't shy away from if it is necessary.
19th Oct, 2009 03:15 (UTC)
How can they claim it's a peaceful protest? Their stated aim is to disrupt and close down a power station!

If Al-Qaeda said that, there'd be tanks patrolling that fence.

There's still time to get some.
18th Oct, 2009 21:31 (UTC)
I feel pity for the dogs...
Surely these vegans don't taste like much for them, probably all skin and bone.

If someone has the audacity to fart the eco-warriors start a climate camp at your rear demanding another Kyoto be shoved up there! Everyone now seems to think being passionate about something is an excuse to go for the Darwin Awards. Should have shot a few in the leg, that way they live and they won't be making any repeat protests, two birds one bullet.

These Greenies are the new fundamentalist hippies that should have checked out on their last tab of acid decades ago. Just like those wanting "Sharia Law" should go to Iran, those wanting "No Electric" should move to Amish county. Or become a Roma gypsy, although I haven't the foggiest what qualifications you need.

Have faith in NuGov though, Gordon Brown is working on a warm fuzzy soundbite to keep us indoctrinated in the blackouts.
19th Oct, 2009 03:18 (UTC)
Re: I feel pity for the dogs...
I hope the dogs have had all their inoculations.

The Brown Gorgon has his soundbite ready. If he doesn't get his way at the climate conference, he reckons we're all doomed. Floods and droughts in equal measure. The sky will fall and demons will stalk the earth.

Brown Gorgon - racing to save humanity from the evils of wealth.
18th Oct, 2009 21:34 (UTC)

Can't argue with that, LI.

At church this evening, the minister was talking about false idols. He didn't say so, but this sort of thing fits the bill: the religion of environmentalism. Except, the only faith they have is in *people*. People who don't know the truth. People with ulterior motives.
18th Oct, 2009 22:54 (UTC)
Have you thought about sending the BBC this post?
19th Oct, 2009 03:27 (UTC)
Re: Have you thought about sending the BBC this post?

I can't wait for the next round of late night films.

The Texas Chainsaw Health and Safety Incident.
A Rather Disquieting Dream on Elm Street.
Night of the Life-Challenged People.
Apocalypse Later.

How can they seek to protect kids from nursery rhymes while telling them that their parents are about to drop dead from smoking, the world is going to heat up until their eyes pop and every stranger they meet wants to rape them, skin them and make them into burgers?

A cracked egg isn't so scary by comparison.
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