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Animal farm, UK-style.

 Every time I look at the news, I wonder if today will be the day in  politics where common sense prevails. If today will be the day where the rules imposed on the rest of us with steel batons and riot shields will be seen to apply also to those who make up the rules.

Not today.

Wendy Alexander, the Mouth of Gordon for the Scottish parliament in Holyrood (I think it means 'big stick made from a holly tree' which is something I'd dearly love to beat them with) has once more been caught doing something naughty. Undeclared donations, a speciality of modern politics, and she's been caught fair and square. In any other profession, fiddling the books is an instant-dismissal offence with possible legal action to follow. Not in politics.

Her punishment? A day off

Apparently she'll be questioned further, but first The Monsters of the Scottish parliament have more important matters to attend to. Their summer holiday, which runs until September.

What a tiring life they lead, eh?

In other news, it seems that equality can only be achieved by making some more equal than others. Napoleon the pig would be so proud to see his vision brought to life by those who emulate him. They are even starting to look like him. A few even share his scent.

It is now legal to discriminate in favour of women. It is also legal to discriminate in favour of any ethnic minority. It is illegal to discriminate in favour of the indigenous white male, in fact if you employ one of these subhuman creatures you will probably have to explain yourself in court.

So, if you have a job opening and three candidates apply - one woman, one from an ethnic group (any one) and one indigenous white male, you cannot possibly employ whitey. No matter that he has a PhD in the subject of employment and the other two have no qualifications at all. No matter that he has twenty years' experience and the others have never seen the inside of a workplace similar to yours. 

No, you must employ one of the other two. Even if they state at interview that they only wish to enter your business to disrupt it and have no intention of doing any work. If you turn them down you'll have a lot of explaining to do and possibly face prosecution.

Why can't these PC morons get it? Let the person who is best suited to the job, do that job. If that person turns out to be female, ethnic, disabled and whatever other group the PC's are patronising this week, then so be it. If that person is a single white male born in the UK, so be it.

How can anyone accept a job offer, knowing they are getting it only because the company has been ordered to override common sense? How can anyone accept such patronising behaviour? How can you just stand there, smile, and let the politically correct pat you on the head and slip a sugar-cube into your mouth? How can you bear to be nothing more than a tick in the right box?

Imagine how it feels to be employed in a particular position because of your own efforts. Nobody pulled any strings. You didn't have to come in clinging to the skirts of Mummy PC while she demanded you be given a job. You made it. You. Nobody had to legislate for you to get that job. You did it yourself. Imagine for a moment how that feels.

I know there has been, and stiil is, discrimination against women and ethnics in the workplace. Only an idiot would deny that. Yet is the answer to make such discrimination illegal (it already is), or is it to make the mirror-image of discrimination legal? Is apartheid better with the blacks in charge or is it exactly the same thing?

I agree that a woman should get the same wage as a man who is doing the same job. But should a man get the same wage as a woman in those circumstances? That's not what the law says. If the law requires your company to employ a woman and give her the same wage, your company can make savings by cutting your wage. There is not a damn thing you can do about it. Suck it up, honky. Racism against white men is legal in this country.

Now, if you are discriminated against because you are a white male, you have absolutely no recourse in law. If you are female and/or a member of any ethnic group, you can bring the full weight of the law down on anyone who so much as looks at you the wrong way. Especially if it's a white male. Those half-human trash should be made to cast down their eyes in the presence of their betters. Sound familiar? Remember who that once applied to? Remember what they did about it? Duck, because here it comes again.

People wonder why the BNP are doing so well. Christ, it's not rocket science. Turn the whole of the legal system against a group, any group, and they'll turn to whatever party offers to support them. In this case it's the Look After Whitey party. I certainly don't want them in charge but why do you think they're getting so many votes? Because they have something to offer? No, because the other parties are deliberately sending voters to them as the last haven of non-persecution they can find. The country has been simmering for a long time and it's coming to the boil.

Are Labour composed entirely of brain-dead idiots, or are they doing this on purpose? Is Gordon Brown really Nick Griffin in a saggy mask? Labour are certainly doing their best to raise support for the BNP at every level of society. There must, surely, be better ways to spite the Conservatives. Why not send voters to the Lib Dems? They seem relatively harmless. Or the Libertarians, one of the very few who actually have policies I can agree with.

Life under labour has become increasingly insane. There have been some very bad days, but I suspect there is much, much worse to come. I'd stock up on tinned food if I were you, and get steel shutters for your windows.

Don't take too long about it, either.

 Addendum:  Oh, Christ on a bike! At the bottom of that article, it says that age-discrimination will be dealt with by banning Club 18-30 holidays, and any age-exclusive pursuits. Well, I'm now over 30 and didn't fancy those holidays anyway, so why am I bothered?

Because we are sitting on a powder keg. Smokers are banned from anywhere but non-smokers can go where they like and demand a smoker stops smoking in their presence. Women can form women-only clubs but men can't form men-only clubs. White employers cannot employ only white workers but curry-houses can refuse to employ any whitey. And so on, and on, and on.

So it will be with this new legislation. Can you see them stopping SAGA holidays, or free bus passes for pensioners?

There is a powder keg beneath us, filled with the anger and frustration of young, able-bodied, white men. A hell of a lot of them and every one of them pissed off to bursting point. Oh, I can hear the government's response, so clearly articulated by Ed Balls - 'So What?'

So the fuse is getting shorter by the minute, that's so what. The backlash could be very nasty indeed. 

Damn. Another trip to the canned-food aisles for me.
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