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Widening Cracks.

The Righteous have worked in isolation all along but have kept to their own patches, pretty much, so haven't clashed. That is changing. There are more and more Righteous control lines crossing over each other now, and the cracks are widening.

The UAF, the place where socialists put all their most violent lunatics, have been crying 'Fascist' at anyone who objects to Islam and claiming that any and all objection to this country becoming an Islamic state must mean that the speaker is a mouthpiece for the BNP. The truth is, most Muslims don't want an Islamic state here but you won't hear from them. You will hear the fundamentalists because that's the only voice the Righteous allow. It's the voice that justifies their 'Racist' cries. I have tried arguing with some of these people, face to face, that if these fundamentalists ever get a hold here, the first ones against the wall will be those who have patronised and played the 'solidarity' game because those fundamentalists will not accept a non-Muslim ally. They always laughed and called me racist. Then they say something along the lines of 'Why don't you just go and join the BNP?'. They've said that to many, many people and many people have taken their advice.

Now, socialists, UAF, the rest of you, hear it from the beard himself. Those people you have claimed as pets are about to bite the hand that feeds them. Pick a wall. Don't come to me for any kind of alliance, Righteous, because you did this. You are my enemy.

Meanwhile the newspapers continue to blame the white man in all of the current street fights. Despite the evidence of the photos which clearly show who's gone to the march with placards and who's gone there with a ski mask and bricks. Despite the evidence of who, exactly, is getting arrested. Despite it all, the blame is placed purely with the white protestors. The Muslims are painted as the victim.

The thing is, Righteous, nobody is fooled any more. Nobody but you and your friends believe it now.

The Righteous Horrible Monster, John Denham, has tried to lay all the blame on the EDL even though they had cancelled their march and weren't present at the last fight. He claims it's like Oswald Moseley's day. It's not. Yet. You, Denham, are likely to make it so.

Announcing a government drive to address issues alienating white, working-class people at risk of being "exploited" by the far-right, John Denham, the secretary of state for communities and local government, singled out protests being organised by the English Defence League.

The EDL are not right wing. They are not left wing either. They have no policy other than 'we don't want an Islamic UK'. That's it. They have no interest in becoming a government. They hardly even count as 'political'. They are people who have had enough. Mr. D thinks they are few. Those taking to the streets now might well be very few. Those who have had enough are not few, not at all. This is not an organisation, this is just people, and fighting them as if they were an organisation will not work.

As for addressing the issues alienating the white working class, well you shouldn't have too much trouble finding those issues, Mr. D. Your government put them in place. Besides, you'd better have a look at your opposite number, the Righteous Choudary. He doesn't want your help any more. You, to him, are a non-Righteous like the rest of us. Searchlight, look again. They don't want your help either.

The Cheeeldren Righteous are at loggerheads too. They want every adult who has any contact with any child ever to be logged and databased by the police. On the other hand, the police can't take DNA from children or it's assault. But the DNA Righteous insist they must database everyone. Including the 24000 teenagers on the database who were never charged with anything. Oh, but that's not on, say the Cheeldren Righteous. Only adults can be so oppressed. Oh, and there aren't enough white boys in that database. No, argue the DNA Righteous, everyone must be in the database. It's equality.

The madness is accelerating. There is violence in the streets and the British newspapers and British government are speaking out against the British people. One Muslim man is subjected to a control order with no reason given, another is convicted of terrorism but approved as a foster parent. Three Muslim men who have been found not guilty of terrorism - twice - are to face trial again, not because there's new evidence but because the jury did not give the approved verdict.  They are not even consistent any more. Righteous alliances are fragmenting. The cracks are running ever deeper. Our Prime Monster has no control at all.

When you read something like this in the Guardian, surely then the devastation of this country is obvious to all?

All except the Denhams and the Choudarys and the Harmans and the Mandelsons who still, still insist that they know best and that the answer is more and stricter laws and more and tighter control. They must have their way and to hell with whether anyone else wants that.

People don't want that. You can label all dissent as 'racist' and 'right-wing' if you like. Those accusations hold no fear for anyone any more. If 'right-wing' means 'not like you' then it's a badge we will wear with pride.

I have tried to act as a calm and reasonable voice. I have tried to point out that blaming all Muslims for the actions of a few is no different to the Righteous blaming all whites for the actions of Adolf Hitler. And then Denham comes up with more blame, Choudary tells us we are all evil kaffirs and he means to dispose of us all.

I give up. There is no purpose in discussion with these people. They are not interested in compromise. They will not listen and they will not stop. They are not attempting to heal the rifts in our society. They are driving wedges into them. The Righteous are now at war with each other and we are in the middle of it all.

I think they want the riots.
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13th Sep, 2009 02:11 (UTC)
I think I have worked out why...
...as has been highlighted numerous times, immigration, though much lauded by the Righteous, cannot be sustained on the current levels by economic, intellectual or social means.

It just does not work.

It is not human nature to accept vastly differing cultures in such a short time frame. Afghanistan works...in Afghanistan. Saudi works...in Saudi. To accept a middle ground takes decades. There are cases of local people in 'Stan who have their lives saved by Army Surgeons and Nurses who then object and refuse dealings with them because they are women. We still have forced marriage occurring in the UK.

However, now we have these problems in the UK, it will cost too much money to get rid of it.

Hence the "you will be Guilty" verdicts.

Hence the control orders.

If you get my meaning, there are too many of the few. Now we have the hard-liners in. Sharia Law. Jihad. The Religion of Peace (TM) will never be beaten. Death to the Kaffir.

Forget the first generation of immigrants who just wanted to integrate, make a new life and get on with it - they have been overrun. Labour have opened the borders of this country to every piece of scum who wanted to come and have failed to control it.

Now we have hundreds of thousands coming in.

Now we have no-go areas in towns and cities. Now we have the astoundingly hypocritical attitude of "Westerners should leave our lands" suicide bomber videos made from a bedroom in Bradford, or Birmingham.

Now we have no choice any more. Human rights Act etc.

Of course the Righteous want the riots. The Righteous want somebody else to blame for their mistakes, other than themselves.
13th Sep, 2009 05:07 (UTC)
Recall, Labour predicted a "summer of "unrest"? They didn't get it and it seems they are fomenting trouble because they want it.

Then they can bring in more totalitarian laws which they hav in the pipeline and which they want in place to accommodate the Lisbon Treaty.

They want to make it as difficult as possible for the next government to undo their works. After all, it's been decades in the making and they've nearly reached their goal.
13th Sep, 2009 05:35 (UTC)
Re: I think I have worked out why...
"We still have forced marriage occurring in the UK."

Don't worry! We're onto those dastardly Canadians...

JuliaM (http://thylacosmilus.blogspot.com/)
13th Sep, 2009 19:58 (UTC)
Re: I think I have worked out why...
It's working out just as they want, too. Those Muslims they imported were always set up to take the brunt of it. That's why all that preferential treatment appeared and why there are pitiful attempts to blame the EDL for the rioting now. It's to inflame the situation further.

It might not be possible to stop it now, but who's going to impose the order they want imposed? The army aren't likely to forget what the EDL started protesting about, even if the politicians think they have.
13th Sep, 2009 03:41 (UTC)
The Righteous want the Riots?
Perhaps they do. If so, they are even more stupid than they seem to be. A revolt by the people who feel betrayed and demonised in their own land may not stop at quelling Muslim hatred.
13th Sep, 2009 05:32 (UTC)
I think they want the riots too. They are certainly doing their level best to whip up the fear:

"Police in central London are on the alert today amid fears of more violence between anti-Islam protesters and Muslims.

Hundreds of supporters of the right-wing English Defence League are expected to descend on Trafalgar Square today."

I foresee lots more photo opportunities...

JuliaM (http://thylacosmilus.blogspot.com/)
13th Sep, 2009 08:40 (UTC)
Of course they want the riots- there continuing existence and dominance depends on greater misdirection and the ratchet effect only a thousand tiny cuts will cause NGO the fabric of our freedom.

One thing is certain; there long term time is limited nowby the near seamless transfer of thought via the Internet; the one enduring theme is that a glut of ideas can be presented to the user, anything from basic knowledge (I believe that the Internet will replace education establishments in the long term; how can overly proscribed and regimented language lessons continue when you can download course notes and spoken lessons can be downloaded to your iPod and your questions answered online by a team catering to thousands rather than 30-40 kids? This will be the first death knell in the righteous' coffin.) to David Ick-style lizard people lunacy; the one enduring fact about all of this is the freedom to convey thought and, as importantly, reject it.

The beauty of this is there is little they can do, short of turning it off, and any steps toward this will be shouted down; censorship will not work for same reasons people still commit crime despite prohibition; people find a way.

My only concern is that whilst the soviets became less oppressive and more incompetent as they declined we appear to be travelling that same road in the opposite direction; the cycle needs to be broken.
13th Sep, 2009 20:01 (UTC)
Internet control has already been tried (for the cheeldren, naturally) and anyone arrested for anything has their computer confiscated. Why? Well, to give the impression there is something fundamentally illegal in Internet access. All criminals have computers, so if you have a computer, you're up to something.

They haven't made any great inroads so far, but they'll try agan.
13th Sep, 2009 12:44 (UTC)
Joe Shmo
This is a great post.
Depressing as hell...but great.
13th Sep, 2009 16:55 (UTC)
EDL = MI5 Honey-Trap Sting Operation
Many in the BNP believe that this EDL setup is nothing more than a state-backed 'honey trap'.

Oh, the irony. EDL and UAF (both arms of the state apparatus) squaring up to each other on the streets for a 'fight'...
13th Sep, 2009 20:06 (UTC)
Re: EDL = MI5 Honey-Trap Sting Operation
MI5? I doubt that. A ham-fisted attempt by the Labour spinmeisters to goad the BNP into attempting infiltration? Maybe. If so, it's gone wrong (as usual).

Personally, I think the BNP are staying out of it for very good reasons. They don't need to do anything here, the support will be driven their way by the main parties and their toy soldiers. In droves.
13th Sep, 2009 18:52 (UTC)
The police cameras are everywhere. I follow a small 2nd division football team and see the ESG ( evidence support group ) at away games. A hundred of us are filmed ( our massive away support ) for no reason that I can see. It follows the same procedure each time. We stand up to sing or whatever. A young policeman is sent across and shouts at us to sit down.He generally hams it up and makes a scene at us. Then the cameras roll to gather "evidence" of our reaction. Then he goes away and it reverts back to normal. The police go back to chatting and laughing amongst themselves. What's it all for ?
13th Sep, 2009 20:07 (UTC)
Haven't you heard? Football support is a far-right activity now. Just like everything else.
13th Sep, 2009 19:52 (UTC)
Widening Cracks.
"The Righteous have worked in isolation all along..."
Diversity has been the deliberate drive to cause segregation and to empower self-imposed minorities for a returning Communist Government to save us and establish Law and Order once and for all.
First we have to remove these Labour betrayers, then cut off the foaming jaws of the multi-cranial beast.
13th Sep, 2009 22:22 (UTC)
"I give up. There is no purpose in discussion with these people. They are not interested in compromise. They will not listen and they will not stop."

I think Andrew Klavan summed it up rather well in his video clip "Shut Up" at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWHgUE9AD4s (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWHgUE9AD4s)

Sadly I can't remember where I found this picture earlier today, but it is another example of the helplessness we are all feeling in the face of a Government that has turned on its own people: http://yokel.110mb.com/archives/2009/09/entry_222.html (http://yokel.110mb.com/archives/2009/09/entry_222.html)
15th Sep, 2009 21:29 (UTC)
I like Henry Porter. I have only read his columns recently, so I don't know if he is a typical 'Guardianista' who is repenting, or a 'Gastarbeiter'. All I know is that I agree with what he is saying about this bunch of authoritarian shits.

An old school Tory and a Guardian columnist in complete agreement - strange and dangerous times...
( 16 comments — Leave a comment )