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The mugger who isn't.

'Charity' used to mean a group of volunteers using donations from the general public to do something to benefit another group of people in need of help. Now, the word refers more often to a group of interfering pompous asses who use tax money to force people to do what they are told. Funny how things change.

The latest charity wheeze involves setting up fake muggings to encourage people to intervene. (A Yahoo link, unfortunately)

Laugh? I nearly did.

Witness Confident wants to encourage individuals to break free from the "walk-on-by" culture and take more action when they observe criminal activity.

This charity can't even spell 'witless'. Don't they know why we have this 'walk-on-by' culture? It's because their fellow Righteous will let the mugger sue us for assault if we try to stop him. It's because if that mugger is under 18, we risk ending up in court on child abuse charges. The criminal has more rights than the victim these days. Anyone obstructing a criminal going about his business will be charged for it.

A government review last year said trust in the criminal justice system had eroded as the public felt "cut-off" from its workings.

Actually, it's more a case of the public knowing that if they become entangled in the workings of the 'justice' system, they might not find it easy to get back out.

The charity group said it has developed twelve ideas to help people reconnect with the system."Mock muggings can be a way of working with the police to test public reaction," Guy Dehn, head of the charity said.

There is, I believe, a chargeable offence of 'wasting police time'. Phoning in to report street theatre might well come under that heading. And what if someone takes a swing at one of these fake muggers and knocks out a few teeth? Will the 'justice' system say 'Well, he thought it was a real mugging', or will it say 'Assault'? I know which one I'd place my bet on.

I've seen some total crap from this government and its lackeys today but this has to be the most idiotic pronouncement of the last twelve hours or so.

I expect they'll better it tomorrow.

Update: Ambush Predator and Constantly Furious have more stable links to the story.

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9th Sep, 2009 21:39 (UTC)
Like you I thought it was just a bit of fun when I first heard it on radio. Witless right enough and we're paying for it.
9th Sep, 2009 23:40 (UTC)
Are they stupid?
Whilst being something of a coward usually, when provoked I make the entire US military machine look like rank amateurs at causing damage. When it come to self defence, if I feel I'm in mortal danger, those causing the mortal danger I will hurt very, very, very badly.

If I feel compelled to stop a mugging, I will do my level best to kill the mugger. So yes, I wish them well with this, as long as they understand anyone I see mugging someone, pretend or otherwise, will likely get tossed in front of several tonnes of material otherwise known as a bus.
10th Sep, 2009 11:35 (UTC)
And aside from the kickings which a pseudo-mugger may encounter if he's convincing enough, isn't there a bit of a 'crying wolf' factor to consider? I mean if people are aware there are fake muggings performed by ill-advised dog-gooders in their town, they're likely to mistake a real mugging for a fake one and duly ignore it, aren't they?
10th Sep, 2009 11:37 (UTC)
By which I mean do-gooders, plainly.

L-I, you do know livejournal is for angsty teenagers who cut themselves, right?
10th Sep, 2009 12:31 (UTC)

I like to watch.
10th Sep, 2009 16:07 (UTC)

As you were, then.
10th Sep, 2009 12:24 (UTC)
I think they have a point, even if their solution is the usual preening posturing and completely useless. Individuals should get more involved if they see street crime? The problem here is 'individuals'. Back in the day, I can confidently assert that if, say, half a dozen men on the high street saw some little bastard try a mugging, it wouldn't be "an individual" who would wade in but it would be a group, probably all of them. They'd beat the crap out of him, hold him down till the police arrived, and you wouldn't see him for at least twelve months.

Sadly, these days the odds are that if you step forward the five others will not only stay behind, they'll pretend you don't even exist. And the little bastard will be tooled up and so seething from "lack of respec'" he'll stab you through the heart as soon as look at you. And even, miracle of miracles, you prevent the mugging and overpower him, the scrote will level a charge of assault against you and the police "will be duty bound to investigate it", i.e. arrest you, steal your DNA, night in the cells and a five month delay until the CPS decides, sadly, that it isn't sufficiently in the public interest to prosecute you. The process is the punishment. You'll have an arrest on your record, it will probably be "child-related" because the evil little bastard was 17 and thus a 'child', your DNA will be a sitting duck for any coppers who fancy a result and can't be arsed to do any actual detecting. And that's a best case scenario.

This charity needs to understand that the State has destroyed, utterly destroyed, that informal, unofficial understanding people used to have. The State hated that mysterious, uncontrollable bond between people, even strangers, and waded in with "I'll deal with this" but sadly did not. That understanding has gone, probably forever, and no street theatre is ever going to bring it back.
12th Sep, 2009 21:23 (UTC)
Not much into violence having seen it...nevertheless...I would rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6
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