leg-iron (leg_iron) wrote,

Back in the USSK.

Someday, in a free country somewhere, a band of four merry lads will form a band. A popular band it will be, a band tailed everywhere by screaming teenage girls and every record shall be a hit record. Every album will top the charts. All their films will be wonderful (except one, which will be a total dud). They'll call themselves the Weevils, or something like that.

One of their songs will hark back to the years of an oppressive Stalinist regime, the United Soviet Socialist Kingdom. For so it has come to pass that in this once-free and once-proud nation, the Leader (who looks rather like Stalin but fatter and without a moustache) now has the ability to lock up anyone, at any time, for six weeks without even telling them why. He has no need to explain this action. After six weeks, if the poor prole is released without charge, he will be compensated. (link shamelessly pilfered from Devil's Kitchen).

No, he won't.

The compensation only applies if the victim is released without charge. All that's needed is a charge, any charge, a silly charge will do. A charge of wandering around in purple polkadot underwear is sufficient. Is that illegal? Well, we've had 3,000 or so new laws in the past 11 years and I have no idea what they are, so maybe it is.

Once charged, even if the charge is later dismissed, the victim has not been 'released without charge' so gets no money.

In essence then, the police can now take you off the street with no explanation and put you in a cell for six weeks. They don't have to tell you--or anyone else--why. 

At the end of the six weeks, if it turns out you're not a rabid terrorist after all, and were just on your way to Tesco's to buy some milk, as you originally told them, they'll pick a charge from the list of 3,000 silly laws and send you on your way with some community service or a fine.

There is NO RISK to the police in making full use of this new law. They won't be paying out any compensation. Nobody will ever get any compensation. There is NO COMEBACK on anyone if you are locked up for six weeks for a crime you didn't even know could be done, and you won't even know what that crime is anyway. There is NO ACCOUNTABILITY for the misuse of this power, as there is none for the already-widespread misuse of the previous 'anti-terrorist' laws.

When you're booted back into the street after six weeks wrongful incarceration, you will get no compensation. Nobody will be fired or disciplined. Nobody will apologise. Once arrested, you're going to be charged with something. It's up to you to guess what it is and confess to it.  A model of justice used to great effect by one Tomas de Torquemada, some years back. Bet you didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition.

Welcome to the Britain created by Tiny Blur and the Gorgon. Welcome to the USSK.

There's worse to come. Hidden behind the 42 days detention are darker, more insidious powers. 

Meanwhile, the police can't understand why they're losing the trust of the public...
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