leg-iron (leg_iron) wrote,

Fear and loathing in Birmingham.

(This has grown into a bit of an essay-length thing. I am encouraged this evening by two bottles of Bastide de Garille 2007. I like to imagine it translates to 'Gary the bastard' and I'll continue calling it that even if you try to correct me. So don't waste your time).

An interesting scuffle in the centre of Birmingham has gone largely unreported by the media, although a lot of blogs have covered it. The Daily Mail seems to be the only newspaper who consider it worthy of space.

If you bypass the usual Mail hysterical 'doom-shock-horror' reporting style, it doesn't look that much of a riot. Certainly not a 'race riot', nothing to do with any 'far-right' groups and not that big a deal, really. There are a couple of hints of BNP links but these are completely unsubstantiated and are mentioned only to justify the presence of the Union of Fascists Unite against Fascism group. A group who really, really don't understand irony.

There was no trouble until gangs of Asians turned up. Which, in Birmingham, can't be hard to arrange. The protestors were there to protest at the protests against troops carried out by Muslim protesters. Protests about protests about protests. It all seems rather silly really, doesn't it? How would you go about persuading people to do something like that, and in a town where the original event didn't happen?

This was not a huge riot. The police arrested 33 people, and from the pictures, that would suggest they arrested everyone involved. There are two pictures of the bald shouty man, two of the old man who had a flag, two of the man lying on the ground and two of the man in the green shirt. None of the pictured punches are thrown by the actual protestors, those and the boot descending on the man-in-green's head (later pictured with the head wound) belongs to the Asian anti-fascists. The Union flag was burned, apparently, and that is not the sort of thing far-right groups do. No reports of broken windows, fires or looting. Primark closed its shutters, but why? Who's going to loot Primark? Not so much a riot then, as a rout of protestors by those who want them silenced. More accurately, by those who have been incited to react by those who want the protest silenced.

So it seems to me that this was not a race riot at all. The protestors did not go there intent on causing racial tension. There is no evidence of any BNP involvement, in fact no evidence of any 'far-right' (whatever that means) involvement at all. They went to protest at the abuse hurled at returning troops. They went peacefully.

The protests were about the abuse meted out to troops who have risked, and too often lost, their lives for this country. It wasn't about immigration, Islam or colour. There was no reason for a mob of enraged Asians to appear.

The Union of Fascists look to be the sole troublemakers here. They are the ones who will have stirred up the local ethnic groups to beat up the protestors. They are the ones who cause racial tension. Deliberately. It's their job.

They are also funded by the three main parties. A useful tool in the suppression of dissent without dirtying the hands of the establishment. I am sure their members are unaware of this and genuinely believe they are doing The Good Thing. They are suckers. They are being used to foment division and anger between white and non-white in this country and they believe they are doing it in the name of peace. But then, as all our MPs will be aware by now, war is peace.

It's not as simple as it sounds. If you're white and you treat non-whites as inferior, this will keep happening. People who are made to feel isolated are easy to radicalise. If you're one of those (black or white) who pressures whites to feel guilty about something that happened a million years ago, you're doing the same thing. You are creating a group, isolating them and leaving them open to radicalisation.

White blames black. Black blames white. Both are wrong. Both are fighting the wrong enemy, while the real enemy laughs on the sidelines.

I don't blame the membership of the UAF. They have been fooled like so many others. They have been cranked up emotionally to believe there is a fascist threat that they must deal with or we'll have to goose-step everywhere with one arm permanently extended like a broken wing. There is no fascist threat other than the one that's already in government.. There is only the ballot box and radicalising the isolated white working class will influence their decisions there. This kind of thing only swells the votes of the BNP. The UAF members don't see it. Their masters certainly do see it. That's why they fund and encourage the UAF. That's what it's for.

No, the Righteous don't want a BNP government. Neither do they want an Islamic UK. Nor do they want a totally black UK, a female-dominated UK, none of it. What they really, really don't want is a stable State in which the population are, by and large, at peace with one another. The Righteous spout 'equality' while achieving the opposite not because they are incompetent but because it's what they want.

While we fight amongst ourselves we can't fight the real enemy. We can't even see who they are. We hardly even know they're there. So they import more and more people and set a minimum wage on the indigenous so they can't compete for jobs with the incomers. People blame the immigrants but they're only here because they've been encouraged to come. Ask yourself who did that. Ask yourself who decided to give immigrants free houses and cash. Was it you? It wasn't me. It wasn't the immigrants either. Consider the cause and the effect. The jobs and freebies were the reason they came, not a consequence of their arrival.

The Righteous insist on all-female shortlists for jobs, especially in Government. Qualification? Pah. What dangles between your legs decides your employment prospects, not your ability to do the job. Who decided that? Women? Ha! Not entirely. No, the women are on those shortlists not because of some equality agenda but for exactly the opposite reason. To make the men blame the women for taking their chances away. Who did that? The women on the list? Cause and effect - the all-women shortlist existed before the women joined it.

The Righteous have set black against white, immigrant against indigenous, man against woman, child against parent, neighbour against neighbour, smoker against non-smoker, drinker against teetotaller, fat against thin. Everything they have done has had a reason and it's always been the same reason. Division and distraction. What can they possibly gain from this?

Whenever one of their paired fighting groups kicks off, they turn the screw a little tighter. Every disagreement leads to another ban, another restriction, another brick in the walls that are moving ever closer to us all. They take one side over the other every time. Sometimes it's obvious as with the smoking ban, the booze restrictions, the fat police. Sometimes it's less obvious as with sex discrimination - where it's presented to men as 'giving the poor girlies a chance' and to women as 'throwing off the yoke of male oppression'. Both explanations are anger-inducing, don't you find? That's the idea, you know. Sometimes they switch sides, as the Muslims are in the process of finding out now. Sorry folks, you were set up from the beginning. We didn't do it. We are not your enemy. We were set up too.

The eventual goal is, of course, control. A country full of dependent pets who look to the Righteous for guidance on how to live, what to eat, when to sleep, what to think. The sick joke is that such a society would indeed be absolutely peaceful but it's a grey and uninspiring peace, a sad, lonely and dull existence. Ah, but we would be peaceful because we'd be told to be.

And what of our police force? Those who are paid to look after us and ensure we are treated within the confines of the law? Not a problem. Devise thousands of new, ill-defined and confusing laws so those who are paid to uphold the law can never be sure what it is. Undermine the police with pseudoplods and park-keepers with powers of arrest. Nobody can tell who has authority and who doesn't. Lawyers can use the new laws to run rings around any prosecution or defence. The criminal becomes the victim and the victim is the criminal. As for the army, they're busy fighting two wars against countries who have never threatened us while struggling to find equipment to do it, and facing Righteous-encouraged abuse from those who fled the war zones whenever they come home. Soldiers deemed old enough to die for this country are deemed too young to be entrusted with a pint of beer. Confused? Of course you are. That was the whole idea.

To quote the Cowboy from 'Mulholland Drive', 'Stop and think a little bit. Can you do that for me?'

It's not as easy at it sounds. From every corner you're getting the shrieks of the deranged - 'It's the Muslims!' 'It's the Fascists!' 'It's the Jews!' 'It's the KKK!' 'Swine flu will kill us al!' 'Global Warming will kill us all!' 'Islamist!' 'Islamophobe!' 'Homo!' 'Homophobe!' 'Paedophiles are watching your child!' 'Evil nurses beat your grandma in the nursing home!' Run! Run! Run!

Even the unemployed are in a hurry these days. Have you noticed? Why the rush? It's not like they can be fired from their position. Everything must be now, now, now. No time to think. And that's the key to it all.

I was made redundant in January a few years back. For the sake of simplicity and because I have no accountancy skills whatsoever, I chose not to start my own business until the start of the tax year on April 5th. An out of sync accounting period would drive me insane. So for a couple of months, I did nothing at all. No benefits, no point claiming because of the redundancy payoff. I set up a few deals to start in April, I bought some equipment but mostly, for me, the world stopped. No deadlines. No rush. Nothing to deal with urgently. I could sit in the garden with a few beers, stare at the stars and just think. Yes, it's cold at that time of year but I like it that way. The beer doesn't get warm and wasps don't land in it.

The constant urgency of modern life is an illusion. There is no real need to do what you're doing right this minute, most of the time. In fact, if you relax, you'll do a better job. But if you relax you might start to think about whether what you're doing needs to be done right away, or even needs to be done at all. Or whether what you're doing even should be done. Right and wrong. Who has time for all that? Cause and effect. Who has time to sit back and work it out?

The unemployed do. So they must be pressured and rushed. Keep them distracted with mind-numbing TV and booze and the sure and certain knowledge that the Rich did this to them. keep them moving from one flat to another. Give them money to have children because that serves two purposes. Nothing keeps the mind occupied like a small child to look after and then those children can be indoctrinated in school. Better yet, they might not even go and then they will rely on TV. They must be convinced to aspire to the best without working for it. Keep them busy. Don't let them think.

It's no trouble at all to keep the employed busy. Deadline after deadline and they'll go home and slump in front of the idiot lantern with not a scrap of brain energy left. Early starts ensure they can't go messing about with independent thought. More and more forms to fill, more and more regulatons to comply with, more and more restrictions on what they can do and where and pretty soon they're running from the moment they wake to the moment they collapse into bed. Their minds will take in whatever they are fed because they can't reason it out now. They just don't have the energy to deal with a bombardment of information. The world looks like a maelstrom of conflicting and confusing ideas which nobody could possibly be orchestrating.

It was all planned.

Not deliberately. There was no secret meeting of Illuminati at some owl-shaped stone in the woods where this was all worked out many years ago. There are such meetings now but again - cause and effect. The cause was independent Righteous carving out their niches and collecting their pets. The effect was absolute chaos which serves only to reinforce the Righteous way. The chaos was probably not the original plan but once it started to appear, Righteous eyebrows would have raised en masse. The speed of life, the divisions, are all routes to control and really, that's all they want. What happens to the rest of us is immaterial. As long as they have control it's all they want. It's the only thing they want. The character of O'Brien in 1984 had it right. Power for the sake of power, nothing more, only this time it's not fiction. We are facing the reality of O'Brien.

I don't know where it started. When the Righteous found they could turn Americans into pets by scaring them with reds under the bed, when the British found they could demonise hippies, perhaps when the Egyptians found they could class Hebrews as less than human, perhaps even before that. It's developed over a long time and in this country, it's coming to a head now.

In Spain, it came about as the Inquisition. In France, as the persecution of the Cathars. In Germany, as the persecution of the Jews and others who are often overlooked. The British have persecuted Jews too, in the distant past. That was another Righteous rising. The Aborigines of Australia lost their children to the Righteous, the South Africans were prevented from assimilation by Righteous decree, and slavery - slavery, that thing the Righteous want us to feel so much guilt over, was used by the Righteous to keep races apart and at war.

This time it's different. Bigger. There are so many independent Righteous running so many agendas that we now have practically everyone in some kind of repressed group. Most of us are in multiple groups run by competing Righteous.

That's why I think it'll collapse faster this time. If you're disabled, black, female, overweight, a smoker and a drinker, you confuse them. You're in three groups they oppose and three they support. But the three supported groups are run by different Righteous. They're competing for you but at the same time reviling you. There are so many now that everyone is reviled by one group or another.

In Nazi Germany, they picked on Jews, homosexuals, Jehovah's Witnesses and others but the range was specific and limited. The Spanish Inquisition picked on Protestants, Jews and Muslims. In each case they had a defined group of 'enemy within' and it worked for a time. It worked because all the people who weren't in the marked groups could be persuaded to support it all.

Tiny Blur allowed so many Righteous to rise that everyone is now in an 'enemy' group. Asian Muslims are the enemy. White men are the enemy. Women are the enemy. Men are the enemy. The Scots are the enemy. the Welsh are the enemy. People with money are the enemy. People without money are the enemy. Immigrants are the enemy. Indigenous fascists are the enemy. You, whoever you are, are the enemy.

It's starting to break and it's going to be messy.

I won't name the Righteous because there's no point. The names and faces change. The idea and the method never does. They are not in positions you'd recognise as positions of power. They are in positions most people don't even realise exist. They are not MPs. Tomas de Torquemada was, in theory, subservient to the Pope and to the king of Spain but he could not be removed from office by the common people. He was immune to censure by those he persecuted. That's where you find them. The unelected and the impervious to common outrage. The invisible.

Besides, I don't think we need to hunt them down. Not one Righteous out there will recognise themselves as such. They will recognise it in others. In their competitors.

This time, I think they'll start denouncing each other.

And then the shit will hit the fan in twenty-kilogram bags.

The only safe way out would be if everyone recognised Righteous meddling and manipulation for what it is, and dismissed it. Laughed at it. Sneered and derided it.

I don't think that's going to happen. It would need people to stop and think for a while, with no pressure at all to produce one concluson or the other. Just let their minds work on cause and effect. Let them consider for a while whether any particular rule is just and fair with no pressure group howling in their ears.

Let them start with one question. 'Does life really, really have to run as fast as this? Why?'

It's the one that leads to the others.

Anyway, I hope a few words in there made some sense. If not, blame Gary the bastard. He messed with my brain. In a good way.

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