December 8th, 2009


Scientists complain about not having all the data.

When scientists (and others) complained that the climate changers held back data, lost data, refused to make their methods public etc etc, many defended them. Even New Scientist poo-poohed the complaints. Why should they share the data?

Why indeed. If the data is sound, the question is, of course, why not share it? Nothing to hide, nothing to fear, as the modern mantra goes.

Now it seems that all you people who have dosed up with Tamiflu (whether you had swine flu or not) might have been taking that drug on the basis of possibly dodgy, or at least incomplete, data.

Roche, the manufacturer of Tamiflu, has made it impossible for scientists to assess how well the anti-flu drug stockpiled around the globe works by withholding the evidence the company has gained from trials, doctors alleged today .

A major review of what data there is in the public domain has found no evidence Tamiflu can prevent healthy people with flu from suffering complications such as pneumonia.

Scientists and doctors are concerned that Tamiflu might not have any scientific basis after all, because those who claim it did aren't letting them see all the data, nor are they showing the methods used to arrive at their conclusions.

All those who took Tamiflu and who support global warming, take heart. It's perfectly okay to hide data if you don't want to show people how you arrived at a scientific conclusion. Even if that scientific conclusion can have a major effect on people's lives. Ask New Scientist.

I'll be buying this week's issue to see if they have any comment on this.


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