December 7th, 2009


Last night of the Visitors.

Tomorrow I have peace again. Excuse typing. I loaded them with Grolsch and Tuborg for the last night and I'm topping up with Singleton now they've passed out.

My Electrofag use has been strictly limited over the past few days. Since my visitors are non-smokers, I saw no purpose in introducing them to Electrofag but I did realise a potential drawback in doing so.

The drawback with using Electrofag in front of non-smoking visitors in your own house is this. You will get continuously asked 'Why don't you use that smokeless thing that doesn't stink?'

Right. When I visit non-smokers I will introduce Electrofag as an odourless and smokeless alternative to shivering jn their gardens. But this house is my house. It's the only place I have where I can absolutely guarantee that smoking is allowed. I have and will continue to puff at Electrofag here when it suits me - when it suits me - but if I want a real one I'm damn well having one and if you visit and don't like it, go home. Or go to the pub, get on a bus or train, go to any public space you want. I can't smoke there. I can smoke here. It is, now, the only place I can smoke without being fined, being told to stop or being harassed with leaflets clutched by people with more fingers than IQ. This is my house. If I want to paint the interior Barbie pink I will do so. If I want to stack up a pyramid of Calders cans I will do so. If I want to make the windows out of melted whisky bottles I will do so. If I want to smoke in here I will do so.

So I won't tell non-smoking visitors about Electrofag because that will end badly and they might not get a taxi at the time they are ejected.

I don't smoke without permission in a non-smoker's house. I regard that as only fair. I do not expect my smoking habits to be subject to any form of control in my house.

The last few days set Electrofag back a little on the cost/benefit analysis. it'll pick up again once the non-smokers have gone.

Decent malt intake has been down too. I have some catching up to do.


The Labour manifesto for the next election will be an A4 sheet with the word 'Spite' printed across it. They have no other motivation and nothing else to offer.

The latest manifestation of their sole policy is to be found in the insane plan to make every finance officer in every company personally responsible for anything that goes wrong in the finance department. How would you like that job then? You have to employ people based on 'equality quotas' rather than on any ability to do the job, and when the over-entitled and workshy dregs littering the office screw up the tax returns, it's your fault and you are personally fined and/or imprisoned. The oafs you employed will still be there, screwing up the next finance officer's life. If the company can get one.

The company can't offer a huge salary or bonuses to compensate for the potential disaster waiting for the post-holder through no fault of his/her own because if they do, Labour will steal it. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see an awful lot of those posts becoming vacant shortly.

Of course, what Darling might be able to see if he trimmed those eyebrows is that he is currently the finance director for UK plc. Hadn't thought of that, had he?

Labour also want to 'name and shame' anyone avoiding tax. Not evading. Avoiding. Evasion is illegal. Avoidance is not. Still, when it comes to punishing people who have broken no law, Labour are past masters. If you're high enough up the income ladder to make tax avoidance worth your while, you no longer have to wait for some half-baked civil servant to leave your details on a train. The tax office will publish them.

Mr Darling said " cannot be fair that those who should pay tax, are allowed to avoid it."

Quite agree. People doing devious things like switching their main residence to evade stamp duty or inflating their expenses should be dealt with. He's not talking about that, though. Once more, these laws only apply to the proles. They are intended to tax the rich unless they are Labour rich. Socialist millionaires are okay. Taking money from all the poor at once and keeping it for yourself is Good Wealth. Working for it or inheriting it is Bad Wealth. Using it to run a business and employ people is Evil Wealth because the people you employ, who would otherwise have no jobs at all, should own the company and you, the one who set it up, invested, borrowed, built and nurtured the business that employs them, should just get lost.

I think those business owners should do just that. Pack up, sell up, get out of the country. Don't even tell the workers you're going. Just scarper. Leave a note on the factory gates saying 'All yours. You run it' and retire somewhere warm. It's what the socialists want. It'll be interesting to see how those communes will source materials for their factories and sell the products when all the suppliers and major retailers have done the same thing. Ideally, on the same day.

There is no thought behind any of Labour's policies other than spite. Constantly Furious and Anna Raccoon (under new management) have dismantled any residual logic that might once have existed in the 'tax the bankers' lunacy, Dick Puddlecote writes of the destruction of education so there can be no hope for those council kids of the future, Letters from a Tory wonders whether the Labour approach of 'We despise you. Vote for us' is likely to be an election winner and Devil's Kitchen covers the new Labour idea of making students pay to be enslaved.

They call it 'class war' and the Left are delighted because those on the Left who support this are middle class morons. They aren't the ones Labour are waging war on. They can still afford to send their kids to good schools and universities. They can still afford to keep the heating on in winter. They love the idea of 'class war' because the ones who will suffer most are the proles at the bottom. Those who voted Labour into power are the ones Labour despise most of all and they despise those people because they know, they know with absolute certainty, that those people will vote Labour no matter what. Those people will vote labour even as their lives, and their children's futures, are destroyed because all they hear from Labour is 'We're going to bash the posh kids for you' and they are too stupid to realise that the posh kids are the ones who pay the benefits bill.

In some places, Labour could put up posters showing the Brown Gorgon laughing over the slogan 'Vote Labour, you drooling chavvy thicko' and you know what? They would. For the sake of spite.

Spite is all there is in the socialist world. It is not about improving the life of anyone at all. Socialism is about destroying everything anyone else tries to do, for petty, vindictive, malicious and spiteful reasons. Everyone must be equal. Everyone must have exactly the same, do exactly the same, think exactly the same. No skills or talents can be permitted because that would make others feel sad. The only thing 'progressive' about socialism is its rapid progression into stagnation.

Labour are going down and they will go down hard this time. They know it. The coming months will treat us to the last stings of a dying wasp. The last jabs of a wasp that doesn't sting because it feels threatened but because it still can.

Labour hate you, whoever you are. Labour consider you worthless, an irritant to be dealt with. Labour despise you with a vengeance. Labour will ensure that neither you nor your children ever get a decent education or a high-paying job or a big house with a large garden in a pleasant part of town. You are to envy those things, but you must be stripped of any hope that you could have them too. Stay in that grotty council flat, prole, and nurture that socialist spite. Don't you dare try to better yourself.

Remember that next time you vote for them 'because your dad did'. Ask yourself how well he did out of the deal.

I'd like to think the Tories or even the Lib Dems would be better but I see nothing to convince me of that. They certainly couldn't be worse. Even so, I'll be looking at Libertarians, UKIP and independents as first options. Labour won't be on my options list at all. Unless something dramatic happens, neither will SNP, Tory or Lib Dems.

The four of them are fast becoming interchangeable.

Tinfoil hats at the ready...

There are still those who think all this 'they're out to get smokers, drinkers, drivers etc' talk is nothing more than the
babblings of people wearing tinfoil hats, who type in darkened rooms with the windows covered in Duct tape and all the keyholes plugged.

Well, here's a breakdown of where a 'charity' calling itself Action on Smoking and Health gets its money, and what they plan to do with it next. They will never reach the point where it'll be enough. They will never stop. There's too much money riding on their continued harassment of smokers. Note the tiny slivers denoting 'earned income' and 'donations'. Do you believe they'll just give up the rest of it and fall back on what they can earn themselves? Do you believe they will ever say 'Okay, smokers are banned from everywhere except their own homes. That's enough'? Or do you think they will want to keep their income for, say, monitoring programmes and smoke police? Tinfoil hat talk? really?

Here's some more (found via DK). Labour can only function if they have someone to blame. Whether smokers, drinkers, drivers, patio heaters, the overweight, the underweight, parents, non-parents, paedophiles, neighbours, Islamic terrorists, Irish terrorists, the BNP, the EDL, photographers, trainspotters, mysterious right-wing groups (ie anyone who isn't a socialist and some who are), satanic worshippers, people who like their homes slightly warmer inside than out, people who leave lights on to deter burglars when they're out, Santa, the Easter bunny and the bogeyman. They have made it their mission to select so many groups as hate targets that almost everyone is in one or more of them. Don't think you are? Have a car? Wait for your next road tax bill.

Perhaps you're still scoffing 'tinfoil hatters'. Perhaps you have solar panels and a wind turbine and don't smoke, drive or drink at all, are the correct Government approved waist size and grow your own vegetables. One dry summer you'll want to water those vegetables the Government encouraged you to grow (it's not due to climate change. Summers have been dry many times before). Then you'll get fined for wasting water. Good, isn't it? Perhaps you'll go out and leave a light on so you won't get burgled - and if you do, so the burglar won't fall over something and sue you - and then get fined for wasting electricity. Don't smoke? The smoke police are going to come in and check at random times, you know. Didn't think that would apply to you? Why not? Smokers might lie about smoking in their homes and pretend to be non-smokers so...

The rules brought in to stop drug dealers and confiscate any money they carry apply to you too. The rules brought in to 'catch terrorists' apply to you too. The rules brought in to 'catch paedophiles' apply to you too. The rules brought in to boost taxes and push up the price of all energy sources in the name of 'climate change' apply to you too.

When ASH start checking homes for signs of smoke, that will apply to everyone. Not just smokers. Because, you see, smokers, terrorists, drug dealers, climate deniers, paedophiles, all look just like you. There's no way to tell which is which just by looking at someone.

So don't get too smug about smokers being banned in their own homes and smoke-police knocking on their doors to check if they're smoking - at all hours of the day or night.

They'll be checking your house too.

Tinfoil hats won't stop them.