December 5th, 2009


Another Doomsday film.

I loaned that seriously Christian and very disappointing Doomsday film version to a friend. In return, he loaned me one he'd found. This is titled 'Doomsday' (aren't they all) and is the one in which Scotland is sealed off because of a deadly virus. When the virus appears in London, 25 years later, a few troops with fancy futuristic gear are sent in to Scotland to find out why some people are still alive, and to steal whatever cure they've found. They don't consider asking first, nor do they consider any sort of deal, it's just straight in with the shock troops.

First of all, I noticed Glasgow hadn't changed much. A bit more foliage but the accents are the same, they still drive vehicles straight out of Mad Max and they still eat visitors. It was a little unrealistic that they still had petrol after 25 years but what was totally unrealistic was that they still had cans of Tennents lager. After 25 years? If the supply of booze were cut, stocks would run out in 48 hours. They'd make their own booze for sure but canning it is a bit of a stretch.

That said, it was a fun film if you like a cross between Mad Max, Mission Impossible and Escape from New York, with gore at levels that would put the Saw series to shame. For some reason, part of Scotland had turned mediaeval with armoured knights and all the trimmings, while other parts had become Thunderdome. Not a film to expect sense from, just pure escapist action.

It cheered me up, anyway.

I still have visitors here so computer time is limited by their clamouring for attention. I'll catch up with the news and comments after Monday.