December 3rd, 2009



I have relatives in my house for a few days. You'd think they'd know what to expect by now. Yes, I do have a designated no-smoking area. In the spirit of fairness and equality, it's in the garden. No, it's not enclosed because that's not legal for smoking areas therefore it's not legal for non-smoking areas either. You want to go breathing fresh air all over the place, do it outside. The site of the no-smoking area in the garden is easy to find. It's any part of the garden that doesn't have me in it.

It's fair enough. On the rare occasions I visit family who don't smoke, I smoke outside. Although family (and anyone else) who insist on that, absolutely and without question, don't see much of me.

Malt whisky? Never touch the stuff. Here, have some Famous Grouse, Bells or the Tesco own-brand stuff I use as toilet cleaner. I have quantum malt whiskies that don't exist until visitors have gone to bed. I'm really not as mean as I sound. They put lemonade in it! I cannot be party to such heinous and wilful sacrilege. Family visiting is something I can deal with. Lemonade in malt whisky is well over the line. We are talking ritual slaughter here. With added pain and bonus levels. And extra spikes.

I might not be too active for the next few days because they will expect to be entertained and spoken to once in a while. They do come equipped with cooking and cleaning skills and I can bear a few 'tut-tuts' if someone else wants to wave a hoover around or polish a few shelves.

They are exorcised on Monday. Until then, I am haunted by relatives and they're not even dead yet.

Lessons will never be learned.

Another fascinating day.

Another photographer has been investigated as a terrorist for taking photos of a town's Christmas lights. Despite the publicity these events have had in the past, despite Jacq the Ripper (when she was sister's-home secretary) saying it's not illegal, it just keeps happening.

Another child has been snatched by the SS, this time because the mother cooked healthy food and refused a doctor's advice to crank the kid up to obesity on junk. Sense? Don't even look for any.

The Mandelsnake has declared Murdoch a nasty nazi in a fit of handbag-rending rage that would have had Larry Grayson rolling his eyes at such a camp tantrum. (That's Rupert Murdoch, not Murdoc from Gorillaz. It can be hard to tell).

The French are going to force private businesses to employ women as board members, whether the women want the jobs or not and whether they can do the job or not. So are we.

Dawn French wants to ban fat jokes. Now that one had me rolling on the floor. She's made all her money from those jokes.

There's just too much lunacy in today's news to even start any sort of summary. None of it is new. it's all stuff that's happened before, followed by the 'lessons will be learned' mantra which doesn't even have time to fade before it all happens again.

They cannot learn. They are incurable and should be incarcerated forever.

Before they do it to us.

Subrosa silenced.

Constantly Furious and Quiet Man have more information than me on the abrupt disappearance of Subrosa's blog due to threats of 'outing' from some sad little gimboid who is no doubt, at this moment, preening and puffing about how clever they are.

Let's be under no illusions about the true nature of internet anonymity. Anyone who really wanted to find me could do so. I haven't exactly left an invisible trail. It could be done without even bothering with IP records or fancy programming - but if you had access to those, it would be very easy indeed.

Total Politics have conveniently published a list of bloggers, in lists, some ranked in order of potential annoyance to the government. The badges in the sidebar show I'm on those lists, and on some of the most potentially Government-irritating ones too. Subrosa wasn't on the lists. She requested to not be involved, and was linked to nonetheless from Iain Dale's site as one of the best blogs not to appear in the rankings.

Now, if you were a spiteful and malicious Government lackey, of which there appears to be no shortage these days, all you need to do is start at the top of the list and work down. There's no need to find the identity of every anonymous blogger in the land. They have been ranked for you. I'll bet the identities of the top hundred bloggers - at least - are well documented somewhere. 'They' know who we are.

What this trivial little idiot did to Subrosa is not some kind of public service. It was petty and childish and pointless and I hope she takes the bugger apart in court.

No doubt there will be more of this. I'm self-employed. I can't be sacked or disciplined at work for voicing my opinions here. I receive no public money of any kind so they can't get at me that way either. No doubt there are those in our current massively overstaffed government who would love to have we tiresome bloggers silenced. They can't just kick in our doors at 5 am because blogging isn't illegal. What could they do to pick us off one by one?

Those out there who could potentially be in trouble if their blogging activities came to light should take care. There are a lot of malicious idiots around these days.