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Busy report writing this evening, last-minute as usual. It's a good thing. Stops me waffling and straying from the point.

So no time for more than a passing comment even on this. Apparently we have to earn the money to pay for everything in the world because Labour are spending it faster than we can earn it. Last time I did that, I ended up spending some time sleeping rough. The difference is, I learned from that mistake. Labour don't seem to 'learn lessons', they just say the words without realising what they mean. As evidenced by what they've done to education, I suppose.

I look forward to seeing the Cabinet huddled in cardboard boxes in the rain, begging passers-by for twenty percent of their earnings plus expenses. The Gorgon won't be there. He has a second cardboard box beneath the flyover.

As for the continuously dead Michael Jackson, I turned on the TV for a brief look tonight and they were showing his trial again. I thought that when you died, your whole life was supposed to flash before your own eyes, not everyone else's. The detail involved suggests that this 'flashback' could take another fifty years to complete. It's going to be very hard to ignore.

Anyway, back to work. Three dimensional graphs always make it look like I've earned my money and usually guarantee a free trip somewhere to explain it to an executive or two. I find a glass of Ledaig helps with the visualisation.

Tomorrow might be a catch-up-on-sleep day.
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