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The Inquisition.

"Alan Johnson? I wasn't expecting you."
"Nobody expects the Home Office Inquisition."

The radical part of Catholicism, in the sixteenth century, resisted the Protestant Reformation by repressing new ideas, curtailing education and resisting any form of technological advance. Anyone deviating from the ideology was punished as a heretic. Merely saying the wrong thing at the wrong time was enough. In Spain, the Inquisition was set up to dispose of those who did not fit the mould - specifically protestants, jews, and muslims - ideally by frightening them into leaving the country. Even those who converted to the accepted ideology were never trusted. They were watched all the time in case they reverted.

If you were denounced to the Inquisition, you were arrested. No evidence was presented because there was no trial. You had no idea who had denounced you or why. You were not told what you were accused of. You were kept until the Inquisition decided what to do with you and once arrested, you were guilty. If you were lucky, they might let you off with a minor penance but then they might never let you go, or maybe they'd get a confession from you and then burn you as a heretic.

With no accusation it was impossible to defend yourself - how can you defend against a charge unless you know what you're charged with? Since no evidence was put before you, you could not even guess at what the charge might be. All you knew was that you had been deemed guilty of something.

That was five hundred years ago. It's still happening now.

Our government are not 'using methods reminiscent of the Spanish Inquisition'. They are using exactly the methods employed by the Spanish Inquisition.

Alan Johnson, the latest skin worn by the Home Secretary lizard, claims that these are dangerous terrorists and their movements must be controlled. If there is evidence that they are dangerous terrorists, put them on trial or deport them. If there is not enough evidence to suggest that they are dangerous at all, leave them alone. As it is, they will never do anything to justify arrest because they are controlled. The only thing they can do wrong is break  the control order. Is that what the Home Office is waiting for? Arrest and imprison them for breaking a control order that was imposed without evidence or charge? That looks like a setup to me.

The UK courts have decided that detention without even being told of the charge is illegal. The government ignores it. The EU courts decided that keeping the DNA of innocent people is illegal. The government ignored that too. This government, now filled with unelected ministers, operates outside and above the law. The Home Office operates without regard to the judgement of the courts. They are a law unto themselves and answer to nobody, but have the power to detain anyone, any time, without saying why.

Just like the Inquisition.

Watch out for the fires.

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13th Jun, 2009 05:48 (UTC)
"The EU courts decided that keeping the DNA of innocent people is illegal. The government ignored that too. "

Funny how they can ignore this, and yet so slavishly follow every other whacky scheme that emerges from the EU, isn't it?

JuliaM (http://thylacosmilus.blogspot.com/)
13th Jun, 2009 12:21 (UTC)
They don't usually ignore things from the EU because it means more power given over to the state. This could reduce their fascist masterplan and so can be safely ignored

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