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They don't just snatch your children...

They snatch your parents too.

Rosalind Figg was concerned about the treatment her elderly mother was receiving and took her home to look after her personally.

Well, now, considering the kill rate among the elderly in our caring, sharing, ensnaring health service, who wouldn't take their mother out of there and look after her at home? It's the only sensible thing to do if you want her around for a while. Sensible, however, doesn't come into it. Rules are paramount.

But social workers in Coventry disagreed with her actions and used a little-known power to take her back.
They obtained an emergency warrant from magistrates under the Mental Health Act on the grounds that a "person believed to be suffering from a mental disorder is being ill treated and neglected".

Ill treated and neglected. If you want to ill treat and neglect your parents, these days you bung them in a 'care home' and forget about them. Taking your mother home to live with you is an odd sort of neglect, I think. Ah, but she rescued her mother from the Righteous grip of the Socialist Services. That's not on. Room 101 awaits.

A police spokesman said: "Police were asked to assist social services to remove an elderly woman to a place of safety.
"A warrant was granted and an enforcer was taken in order to gain access to the property if needed. The enforcer was not used."

An enforcer went along with them to kidnap an 86-year-old woman. A battering ram, in case they felt like shattering the door as an example to anyone else who thinks they can just take their parents home without State consent.

I always thought there was something of the prison camp about those 'care homes'. This treatment of an escapee only confirms my suspicions. They aren't patients. They're prisoners.

Being 'sent to Coventry' used to be a form of social punishment. It seems it still is.

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24th Apr, 2009 02:25 (UTC)
old folk, some bloke
This disgusting incident is all over the press and the internet and will finally do for labour and their bloody project.
My 90 year old Mum is hanging on quite well in her house and refuses point blank to even consider moving into such a home even though the ones local to her have good reputations.
I have cause to see those local to me and am not impressed, for starters the staff ( generally from overseas ) are on minimum wage and behave accordingly.

That The State have taken to kidnapping clients/prisoners, with Police backing really is beyond all reason.
24th Apr, 2009 03:58 (UTC)
snatch children
according to the tpuc the state own you if you have a birth certificate, and a ni number check it out dont believe me
24th Apr, 2009 04:16 (UTC)
Glad someone else has picked up on this - I've got a post queued up on it too.

"Ah, but she rescued her mother from the Righteous grip of the Socialist Services. That's not on."

There may be a money issue too, not just the temerity of this woman not immediately taking the SS 'advice'. She represents a fat fee to the hospital, and no doubt money from the government too.

What was disturbing was that they threw a blanket over the old ladies head! So much for ensuring their patients are treated with dignity...

JuliaM (http://thylacosmilus.blogspot.com/)
24th Apr, 2009 20:16 (UTC)
This lady was in a private care home almost certainly under a 'block contract' agreement with the local authority. She could only occupy a block contract bed once a mental health team assessment had beeen obtained. This process opens the financial flood gates and effectively puts a price on her head. All parties then have a financial interest in her staying where she is regardless of what her real needs are.
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