leg-iron (leg_iron) wrote,

Why I still don't accept the conspiracy.

Could these people really run a conspiracy?

One IT business analyst, who has worked for big corporations including IBM, said that he had spent months trying to find work in the public sector. Despite being told by employment agencies that he was suitable for roles, he was denied an interview because “the relevant [local or central government] department required someone with security clearance”.

He said: “On asking what I had to do to secure that clearance, I was told I could only obtain it when I had been accepted for an appointment. In other words, until I have a public sector appointment I could not obtain clearance and yet was not able to obtain clearance until I had a public sector appointment."

I mean, come on. They might have ambitions to run the planet but realistically, they couldn't run a bath.

They can't even agree on policy they've already announced.

The trouble with the country is that these people are in charge of it. That's the root of all our problems. Not the EU, because other countries ignore EU directives all the time. Not Common Purpose, who train people to be evil filth, because we don't have to let them rule. Yet we do let them rule because we've let them control the police. D'oh.

The innumerate run the economy, the illiterate run education, the most spiteful and selfish are in charge of community relations, the greediest control their own pay and allowances. They pass power to the EU because they just can't deal with making decisions - or rather, they can announce decisions but then can't implement them. They are committees, talking shops, all fancy words and empty suits. They are the most worthless of the worthless. There isn't a word sufficient to express their worthlessness, and we let them order us about. No wonder there's so much head-shaking around these days. What people can't quite believe, I think, is that there are so many of them. It's as if we all took an IQ test and the bottom half of the class were given authority over the top half.

The lunatics would do a far better job of running the asylum. Well, their turn is coming, I suspect.

None of them can work together. Each has his or her own little empire and runs it independently of the others. If it was happening to another country it would be funny, but it's happening here.

Other counties are laughing now. Laughing like a Gorgon in the EU parliament. Giggling like five-year-olds in sex education classes. Laughing at our government and laughing at us for putting up with it.

Hideous Harman has been promoting the BNP again. Apparently Labour have decided to use the slogan 'Fairness not fear' to combat the BNP, while completely missing the irony. Labour rule by fear. We do what they say because we'll be arrested if we don't. Not because it's the right thing to do but because we might face a dawn raid by baton-wielding thugs if we so much as speak out. Park keepers can arrest us. Council scrotes can fine us. Their word is law and if we deny the crime, we just get fined more. 'Not Guilty' is no longer an option.

Now, consider: would the BNP really be any worse? Lots of people are considering exactly that and the conclusion they are coming to is 'Hell, losing the second world war wouldn't have been worse'. We'd have been watched everywhere, logged on every kind of database, denied access to government jobs unless we fit the ideology, treated as suspects rather than citizens, ignored by those in power... it would be the same. The only ones who can't see that are Labour. Do the Tories understand that? We'll find out soon. I'm not hopeful.

They are ready for riots. With good reason. People are furious with the treatment meted out by these wasters and if they don't get that election they'll just get angrier. Somewhere in Westmonster, someone knows this. Someone in there is preparing for massive civil unrest. Someone sees what's happening outside and is barricading the windows. Someone who isn't trying to fix the problems, maybe because they realise there is no fix, but is getting ready for what could happen as a result.

They are idiots. The Gorgon might well play with his civil contingencies act if there are riots, but not because he's carefully plotted to do it. Because he's an idiot. Jacq the Ripper will press ahead with ID cards we can't afford and which do nothing, not because she's deviously logging us all, but because she's an idiot. We're already logged every time we use a credit card or a cash machine. We're already databased with birth certificates. She's an idiot. Hideous bangs on about the BNP being 'below the voters' radar' so much she's doing more than the BNP publicity unit could ever do. She's an idiot. The Millipedes... well, I don't even need to say it.

Someone in there, though, is not an idiot. Someone in there is a devious, evil swine. I doubt he has a coherent plan for world domination but he certainly has a coherent plan for his own advancement. He's the one who wants the riots. Then he can brush the Gorgon aside and 'save' us.

Will there be riots? As long as these idiots continue with their half-baked meddling, there's a very good chance there will be.

So I am still of the opinion that this government could not conspire against us. They are too busy conspiring against each other. They are outclassed in the thinking stakes by amoebae and as organised and cooperative as cats. They will respond to riots with excessive force but that's because they are stupid. They will make things worse. They always do.

I've gone off the whole lamp-post idea. Now I want them in cages, in a big tent, and we can pay a penny a throw to pelt them with rotten fruit.

Hey, I think I just had the idea that will save the economy. People will pay to come back again and again. The coffers will be refilled in days.

Go on, Badger-brows. Put that in the budget.

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