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 If you hit 'refresh' instead of 'minimise' halfway through a post, the whole lot disappears for ever. Those who aready knew will be sniggering, those who didn't might be spared the gnashing of teeth after reading that. Since the UK is seriously short of dentists, it's best to keep teeth-gnashing to a minimum. That's the end of the public service announcement.

There has been much ado about abortion recently. The Government has debated this and several related issues today and decided to leave the abortion limit at 24 weeks. A triumph of logic over emotion, I think. I know many disagree but I don't care. You disagree on the basis of emotion alone, and I'm not interested in those arguments.

It's of interest to me because I was aborted. Four times. I managed to sneak back in each time. I had the umbilical cord fitted with quick-release plugs and sockets by the end of it all, and my birth was easy because I'd been practising so I knew the way.

The Righteous have, of course, been trying to end abortion by gradually reducing the limit. There have been some wonderfully vitriolic posts on Devil's Kitchen about this, including here and here. I found Devil's Kitchen, not because it's a political blog, but because it's the sort of name I look for. Dume found it too, but he lost interest because it doesn't involve disembowellment. I think it would like to.

Abortion isn't nice. Nobody says it is. I've been accused of 'supporting abortion'. I don't. Nobody outside the sick world of Dume's imagination would even consider supporting it. Nobody wants babies to die. 'Support' is not the same as 'Accept the necessity of'. Medical science says 24 weeks is right. What religion says, I don't care.

However, the anti-abortion creatures will stoop far lower than claiming their opponents 'support' abortion. They stoop to absolute lies, and continue those lies even when they've been shown to be lies. If the Righteous can stick to false testimony in the face of proof of that falsehood, why should any of us believe anything they say at all? Why should anyone desire to become one of the Righteous, when their entire way of working is shown, by this issue, to be based on lying to people? This alone is enough to make any sensible person shun religion. I have no religion because none of their gods like me. It's not so bad. It means I won't be called early to the afterlife, if I'm called at all.

(Pause while I fetch another pint of Jock McSquirty's Bowel Purger. There might be a deterioration in spelling and sensibility from here on in...)

Other issues passed by the Monsters of Government included the right of lesbians to have in-vitro fertilisation. No objection from me, after all they can't have kids any other way and keep their lifestyle. Some monsters have objected that it devalues the role of the father. What? This from a government that encourages single mothers with financial incentives? They've never been too bothered about father figures before.  At least a lesbian couple is a couple. It's rare for me to agree with anything the Prime Monster has to say, but on this, and on abortion limits, I think he's right. There are some instances where I think abortion should even be backdated, as when a child declares he or she wants to be a politician, but I doubt that will be allowed.

(Perhaps I should lay off the beer. I'm agreeing with Gordon Brown on something!)

One aspect that did make me uneasy was the allowing of the creation of 'saviour siblings'. What this means is that if you have a child with some terrible thing wrong, you can have another baby and use it for spare parts. I don't like that because if I'd had an older brother, and if he'd been sick, I might have been the scrapyard baby. There's not much of me, and what there is isn't the best, but there are some parts that work and let's face it - if I was a car I'd have been in the breaker's yard a long time ago.

This part is something Dume is ecstatic about, of course. Things like this give him ideas for stories. If only someone could convince him it wasn't fiction. Having a second baby to fix the first doesn't sound ethical to me.

What the hell. The Flying Monkeys of Westmonster have decided and we proles just have to deal with it. They managed to get most of it right, which makes a nice change.

I deal with it more easily when under the influence, so here I go...

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