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How dare the Opposition oppose?

The Brown Gorgon has recanted on the proposals of his little goblin people, specifically Hideous Harman and the Strawman, that all their little goblin spendings should be hidden from prying eyes. So we will see how much they have spent furnishing their second mushroom homes, how many little yellow and red cars they own, how many sofas they bought from Land of Leather before it went bust, and so on. This will come back, no doubt hidden in a law on road markings or some such.

Hideous insists that it costs too much to tell us this. Rubbish. It costs nothing. I spent two days collating my receipts and invoices for the last tax return and nobody paid me a penny to do it. It didn't cost anyone anything for me to do that. The same applies to any other self-employed tax victim, anyone employed who has to fill out expenses claims, anyone at all. Except MPs, who are so important that they make someone else do it for them. These 'someone else' people are paid to account for the tax money spent by the MPs while on salaries paid for from tax. Does anyone else get the feeling that whatever happens, it ends up costing us?

Why can't these MPs tot up their own accounts like the rest of us have to, and submit to random checks like the rest of us have to? Are they, or are they not, socialists? Are we, or are we not, all equal under socialism? Stupid question. No need to answer. Of course we are all equal, but some are more equal than others. One eye good, two eyes bad. Oh, wait, we don't reach that stage until August.

The best part in all this, the real belly-laugh part, is this line from Prime Monster's Question-dodging Time today:

Speaking at Prime Minister’s Questions, he [the Brown Gorgon] blamed the Tories for withdrawing their support from the controversial move and leaving the Government isolated, a charge that David Cameron, the Conservative leader, denied.
“We thought we had agreement on the Freedom of Information Act as part of this wider package,” he said. “Recently that support that we believed we had from the main opposition party was withdrawn.
“So on this particular matter, I believe all-party support is important and we will continue to consult on that matter.”

The Opposition opposed him! How dare they! Don't they know he is Flush Gorgon, the Saviour of the Universe and his word is law? Literally, his word is law. He has so many sneaky paragraphs hidden away in other laws he can now make up new laws and even taxes without troubling the House of Commons. His own party don't realise yet, but he doesn't need them either in most cases now.

His choice of words is interesting. He 'thought they had agreement of the Freedom of Information act', as though the Cameroids opposed that. They don't. What they oppose is the Strawman's meddling with it to allow Hideous Harman to hide their expenditure on little goblin pointy hats and curly-toed shoes.

The Cameroids and the Cleggites have both just scored considerable credibility points with those few of the public awake enough to realise what's happening. Yet the Gorgon's statement will have his drone supporters nodding in agreement. Those naughty bullies have spoiled the game. The drones don't know what the game is, but since they have nothing left but anti-Tory rhetoric, they'll go with the flow on this one.

All his life, the Gorgon wanted to be Prime Monster. He did it, he reached his goal, and even though he'll be forever known as the Sub-Prime Monster, that's close enough. The trouble is, through all his scheming and plotting to get into the job, he doesn't seem to have given the slightest consideration to what the job entails. He seems to have been under the impression that once he was in, everyone would do as he said.

Poor Gorgon. That might work in some countries, but this is the UK. We have a long tradition of not doing what we're told. Ban guns and gun crime soars. Ban knives and knife crime rockets. Have a National No Smoking day and I switch from rollups to Henri Winterman's Half Coronas for the day. I'm not the only cantankerous sod out here either, not by a long chalk. Tell us we shouldn't eat fatty foods and we'll eat them all the more. Hide the cigarettes and they become ultra-desirable. Put horrible pictures on them and we laugh at them. Tell us alcohol is evil and we can't resist it. Every attempt at control backfires. Every one. And yet they keep pushing, pushing and pushing for more control over the herd of cats that is the UK people. 

I hope 'Hello Dave' is paying attention because it'll be his turn soon. There is no further purpose in discussion with Labour and their Righteous. They stopped hearing us long ago. They don't realise that we are all in Opposition now. Let's hope the Cameroids are still open to suggestions because if they're not, 'Hello Dave' had better prepare for saggy face syndrome soon after taking office.

We don't like being told what to do. We will do the opposite of what we are told to do, for no other reason than that we were told to do it.

If government realised that, this would be a much easier country to govern and a much better place to live.

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21st Jan, 2009 21:49 (UTC)
"We don't like being told what to do. "

Nice. I hope you read John Mortimer about his resuming smoking in the wake of the ban. Sums it up perfectly.

What the Cockmunch Commissar Brown doesn't understand, that unlike he and his father (who made money by selling an imaginary friend to people), we have things to worry about. We will check their fucking expenses in the same way we want to see the old park plugs after the garage has changed them.

Moreover, as we pull in our belts, so must they. I wouldn't pay the same for a house now as I would have twelve months ago, why should that bitch Harman or that twunt Darling expect to be paid the same or more? They are a commodity. If your maid charges too much, get rid of her and get another. It should be the same with this filth.
21st Jan, 2009 23:57 (UTC)
I hadn't thought about it before but you're right - we'll all go through those expenses the same way we go through the list of repairs the garage claim to have made.

If they'd been open and honest from the start, nobody would have cared about their expenses. The more they try to hide them, the more we want to see them and the deeper we'll pry and question when we do.

They'll never understand that, naturally.
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