leg-iron (leg_iron) wrote,

Work takes too much time.

Too busy to look for official idiocy today. I have a big meeting tomorrow - the Stuff I developed is to be fed to sick people in a hospital trial. So it's nail-biting time - it should work, it already has on three, but these are seriously sick people and it's a heck of a challenge for the Stuff.

So while i get ready for that, you might want to take a look at a couple of things Old Holborn has found. The 'one law for all' campaign seeks to put a stop to all these little specialist courts operating as substrata in defiance of the UK legal system, and some figures that might scare you a little. Or a lot.

There's also proof that the Brown Gorgon thinks he's the saviour of the world. Not everyone agrees, it seems.

Finally, there's a rather strange story of Hampshire police expending considerable effort to catch some football fans who they think shouted racist and homophobic insults at a football match. They've even released photos of the suspects in this heinous crime - which is odd, since those who torment children to death are apparently entitled to have their names kept out of the press. I mean, it's not as if those photographed are going to be attacked by Righteous who believe that 'suspect' means 'guilty'. Of course not.

While the shouting of racist chants is certainly unpleasant and should be discouraged, I have to wonder if it really justifies an entire police operation to find a few rancid dimwits who think it's clever to shout insults at a big lad who can't reach them, while the news is full of much more serious crimes resulting in severe harm and death.

Sticks and stones... apparently no longer hurt more than words.

Tomorrow will be busy too. Well, it's all money in the bank - but I'm not sure it's safe to leave it there. Better get an Euro account opened.

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