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Defying the EU.

It seems the entire rest of the world has more sense than the UK government.

In Scotland, there is not so much of the grab-the-DNA scramble because the police can't keep it if they don't convict. They can't play stamp collector. They are not fixed by Government targets to get every single person coded and catalogued.

The same is true in France, Canada, and other places. Only the Brown Gorgon's Ingsoc party want to have everyone barcoded so the police can just scan you as you walk past.

Even the EU's own judges have ruled that it's illegal for the Brown Gorgon to do this. The EU! Who'd have thought they'd ever come to the rescue? Well, they've tried.

Whenever the EU come up with something utterly ridiculous, the Brown Gorgon and his Righteous Horrible Monsters delight in expanding its reach and inflating its cost and ramming it down our throats. Now they've come up with a sensible ruling, what's the reaction?

Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, said she was “disappointed” with the court's ruling and added that all existing DNA would remain on the database until ministers considered the judgment.

That's right. They plan to ignore it.

“The Government mounted a robust defence before the Court and I strongly believe DNA and fingerprints play an invaluable role in fighting crime and bringing people to justice.

Yes, Ripper, they do. But there's this little issue of whether the people you're tagging have actually done anything that should concern the forces of justice, you know? Surely even a vacuous bimbo like yourself, a reincarnation of another Whitehall Jacq from just over a hundred years ago, can see that? Can you see the intimidation potential of fingerprinting and DNA-sampling every single person in the country?

“The existing law will remain in place while we carefully consider the judgment.”

You know, I think she can.

Even the EU, the control freaks themselves, think this is going too far. And still they sample, still they store, still they catalogue and then lose it all. Our government is now officially in breach of Human Rights law.

Sorry, Damian Green. She's not giving your DNA back.
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4th Dec, 2008 13:21 (UTC)
From: bobsheadrevisited.blogspot.com
"Brown Gorgon's Ingsoc party want to have everyone barcoded so the police can just scan you as you walk past."

I was going to say, don't go giving then ideas, Leg-Iron! Then I thought - don't be silly, Bob, this is already down as Phase II, after compulsory ID cards.
4th Dec, 2008 18:33 (UTC)
Re: From: bobsheadrevisited.blogspot.com
It'll be RFID implants. The scanners are already in all the shop doorways.
4th Dec, 2008 13:33 (UTC)
And of course
Once they disobey our EU overlords enough to draw attention, then the EU will just slap on us a big fine.
4th Dec, 2008 14:07 (UTC)
"Whenever the EU come up with something utterly ridiculous, the Brown Gorgon and his Righteous Horrible Monsters delight in expanding its reach and inflating its cost and ramming it down our throats"

Well observed. Which is why we have the most draconian smoking restrictions in Europe, while other states look after ALL their citizens' interests, not just those of the people they approve of.

I don't see Jacq comparing us to Canada on the matter of DNA databases, do you?
4th Dec, 2008 14:43 (UTC)
Not the EU
The European Court of Human Rights is NOT an EU institution.
This court rules on the European Convention of Human Rights.
The European Court of Justice is the EU court.
The EU attitude to your DNA is seen in the Prum Convention. It is that all the police forces in the EU should have access to it. The EU is not your friend.
4th Dec, 2008 18:34 (UTC)
Re: Not the EU
I stand corrected, and somewhat relieved.

The thought of the EU doing something sensible was messing with my world view.
4th Dec, 2008 14:44 (UTC)
Does this mean we can all flood the police with written requests asking if our dna is on file and can they now remove it,and send confirmation?
4th Dec, 2008 17:19 (UTC)
OH here

REproduced at my place
4th Dec, 2008 17:29 (UTC)
The evil that is New Labour
As yet, New Labours politically correct stormtroopers don't possess my D.N.A.... And as Iv committed no crime and broken no laws that I'm aware of, I don't see why they should.

Perhaps my mere referral to the above, will be seen as some sort of insubordination, threatening the very fabric of the righteous "Society" that "Zanu" are currently seeking to instill, and therefore, my days are but numbered as a "none appearance" on their all intrusive system, which of course will never go wrong... as it's overseen by that paragon of holy virtues herself, Jacqui Spliff.

Samples of the D.N.A for subject "A" will never be mistakenly attributed to subject "B", because Princess Jacqui's subordinates don't subscribe to human error - EVER!.......Just as they closely monitor and guard our personal data, like a treasured gift from a loved one....It simply Can't go wrong!
Stormtroopers with a vendetta against a particular individual will NEVER plant D.N.A. at the scene of a crime, because "Fit ups", are of course outlawed in our righteous Society, unless perhaps, you don't readily subscribe to some indoctrinated ethos demanded by the rippers all empowering State.

This is just fundamentally wrong on all levels.........

I could well surmise, that if you attempted to implicate these actions to that of a human form, and left them with a shrink, he'd diagnose that the patient had all of the symptoms of a paranoid schizophrenic, delusional, Un-trusting of anyone, and capable of extremely violent mood swings when things didn't go their way.

But of course, governments are anything but human........They're worryingly, far more sinister than any one individual could ever lay claim too, but as yet, we still elude to their own self gratifying mental asylum as Westminster.

4th Dec, 2008 18:43 (UTC)
Re: The evil that is New Labour
They don't have my DNA either as far as I know. I haven't broken any law I know of, but I keep taking photos in public so one day they'll get me.

It's hard to believe the Ripper's justification is 'you haven't done anything, but you might, so we're keeping an eye on you'. If the police arrest you, then you must be up to something. They just haven't found out what it is yet.

DNA ID sounds good but it's not perfect. It's possible that relatives will give a good-enough match for some wild-haired boffin to stand up in court and say 'That's him' when it's not.

Politicians think because it's science, it must be super-accurate. One day it might be. But not today.
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